V-Tote-MM Thoughts?

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  2. Is it just me or is it like Hermes and LV decided to have a baby?
  3. LOL
  4. I also like this bag. Does anyone know if the purple color is brighter than the raisin color? I want a lighter color purple. Thanks!
  5. My wife tried to buy a black pm but everyone our SA brought was MiU and had issues. We ended up giving up after the third bag and our SA said don’t buy MiU and will hunt a MiF for us. So check carefully if you get one that is MiU.
  6. I chose the V Tote MM as an exchange. Just received her today and I love it! And I was so glad to see that she's Made in France!
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  7. Has anyone purchased the V Tote MM in the bordeaux color?
  8. Can you wear this V tote over the shoulder using the handles and not the strap? Is this bag lightweight? It's pretty.
  9. yes, my mother bought it in bordeaux with the black handles
  10. I just wondered how people are finding this bag. Is it easy and comfortable to carry? Is access in and out without problem. Also is the secret compartment useful or a waste of time. Considering buying it but as its a new style not much info out there yet. Just a couple of unboxings on You tube. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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  11. Bumping this thread. I tried on this bag and I love it, but I didn't buy it. Still thinking... I love the safran color. The handles do not go over the shoulder, at least not for me. The secret compartment is not something I would use, but it is an unusual design element.
  12. Where is the secret compartment?
  13. there will be an empreinte version of the V tote next season.

    Credit to dlouisvdotcom.
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