V Line Or Double Jaw Surgery?

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  1. What is the difference? I have a wide jaw and chin, so I am getting both reduced with my zygoma (cheekbones).

    I am really confused from their descriptions on clinic websites though, I don't speak Korean so maybe is translation issue.

    Can I get both done? (My chin is very very wide lah but so too is my jaw!) They often seem to be the same surgery? :P

    My smile looks "aligned" wrong so would I need to do double jaw?
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    x I'm doing facial contouring cheek reduction and jawline too. x
    Btw-do you use LINE?

    Talk soon!
  3. Hi whiterabbit, do you know what the difference is? They both look similar (apart from v line also being on chin) I am confused :P. Can you do the both or only one?

    No sorry :sad: I am European so haven't download it.
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    Good luck! I dont know sorry. I spoke to my boss this morning and he said I probably wont be able to take a month off till September. Is this a good time to go?

    Is the LINE surgery good for facial contouring? I am also doing cheek, jaw and chin :smile: I am thinking of TL or Regen
  5. Hi Jess,

    I'm going to have the procedures done at TL.
    Line is a message application similar to Kakao and Viber....I know it can get a bit tricky especially one of the clinics here also shares the same name!

    I'm taking 2 months off...just wanting to take my time with the recovery etc. My flights are booked so pretty stoked about it and looking forward to June. September is a fair way to go yet so you have plenty of time for your research!!
  6. Why did you pick TL? I am thinking of them but heard they have bad after care from other posters on here. They do nice after pictures though haha

    Sorry! Silly me :P. I am not on Line sorry

    I work as an accountant so my boss isn't letting me have more than 1 month off but I am hoping it should be OK. Are you going on holiday during recovery or resting during summer? ^^
  7. I have gone through a a large number of clinic and hospitals doing exactly what a lot of those looking to travel across continents to get some work done on themselves would do- which includes researching, emailing, talking through friends and strangers, reading too much and viewing too many photos. Of all the time spent, all the forums, reviews read, all the correspondence back and forth, I started to feel a bit like the Go -to girl- The Gangnam Plastic Surgery Guru so to speak! haha

    I must say through the whole process, I have fallen in love with the Koreans. Most consultants and the doctors are generally kind and respectful. I crossed off straight away the clinics who regardless how reputable they are, never attended to my queries i.e. never replied my emails etc.I'm sure they are busy but it is also a sign to me that it is not meant to be! I've found a few places put a really huge price tags on their procedures.Maybe there's a market for them but I told myself I am never going to put myself under the pressure trying to get the procedures done somewhere I will be overly stressed or concerned about the bills.So I crossed the ones who offered me the prices that are way above my budget. So you know then there are a few good ones left, the prices you can afford, there are interactions and they seem nice, and their photos/ reviews seem legitimate and nice. Then I kinda went crazy for a while trying to make up my mind, then I told myself I am going to go with the one I feel most at ease with. Somewhere that I feel I can get my message across, and understood and that there's not too much effort of trying to make things happen. In other words, I chose to go with the one that makes me feel most relaxed and comfortable and it just happened to be TL.
    With post care, I am sure there will be a conversation about it when I arrive in Korea, I will just be honest letting them know what my expectations are and that you know what I do trust in the good of people and so I feel if you are positive, people will do the right thing.
    I have also had a conversation with a person who has actually been there and had his face done among other things. This guy is not a promoter nor has had any benefits tied to them, and he actually told me that he was very well looked after and so that was really re-assuring.
    I will spend a whole month in Korea and will be just relaxing around the places after the 1 month-ish post surgery. I am looking forward to the trip and will sure share with you my experience which I hope to be a good one.

  8. Hey hey! Sept to Nov is good and not as busy as Dec. The weather is cooling like air conditioning. I plan to go in Oct or Nov for facial contouring myself. I don't have good feelings about TL because a few forumers have complained about unsatisfactory results and bad aftercare. Like you, Regen is currently at the top of my list. I'm also thinking of The Face Dental. As for leave, 2 weeks are sufficient to remove the inner stitches in your mouth. I intend to stay about 16 days - a little buffer. If your bite is misaligned or you want to shorten you mid face, you'll probably need 2-jaw. If it's just shaping the jawline and chin, then V-line should be sufficient. I think there's no need to take drastic measures if not needed.
  9. I'm doing the same yes. I don't have any Korean friends though (I am from Germany) which makes it harder, but I am looking for forums and reviews beyond the Purse Blog and Soompi.

    I am mostly judging by face to face consultations I think, but you are right if they don't reply that is not a good clinic IMO ^^

    I look forward to your blog!!
  10. Yeah I am put off by the TL thread, two reviews talking of bad after care.. I will probably consult there though as I like their after pictures.

    I can't go in December anyway because my twin sister has wedding :biggrin: but if my boss doesnt let me go during summer I will visit during autumn I think, the cold is better for recovery like you say ^^
  11. Hi Jessica, I believe double jaw is when the lower mandible is protruding more than the upper? I get that idea by searching it, and it apparently look like to be the procedure with the highest risk as well, so please proceed with caution and find a good clinic at this procedure.

    Vline is solely about the jawline, there's different methods of doing it too from what i have seen. 1 common way is the T cut (cutting across the chin and down, then piece them back together, securing them with metal pieces to make a smaller chin), and 2nd being the long cut (slicing pieces from each side of the lower mandible starting near the ear to get a slimmer jawline); and i have even seen alot of the times these 2 methods are done together to achieve slim jaw and chin.
    The idea of metal pieces in my face somewhat freaks me out, so i am on the hunt for clinics that are doing the long cut method, and ofcause a good clinic so i don't end up disfigured.
    I hope that helped. But it look like we are in the same boat, i am also looking to get facial contouring done. I don't want to touch my cheeks, im sure i'd look better if my high cheeks are shaved down, but i am too afraid of the procedure when i saw how they actually do it. Either way, my plan for surgeries are in 2017, so there's still time for more research. Keep us updated on your clinic hunting! :smile: i'd love to see which clinics interest you.
  12. Thank you! ^^ You have a long time to research if you are going in 2017, that is really good. I am thinking of going in summer so I am trying to find out as much as I can now.

    My face is wide so I am definitely doing zygoma and V line, but I'm not sure if my jaw is aligned or not. I have a slight overbite and my smile is bad. I am actually going to see my dentist before going for surgery and ask him if I need jaw surgery too (you can get it here for medical reasons anyway). Double jaw seems to be very risky though so I am going with caution.

    Do you think having metal in your face would make a difference if you were going through airport checkers or something like that? I might email and ask as I didn't know they did that for T osteotomy.

    I posted a list of my clinics in the other thread in response to you by the way :smile: If you are going for natural and reliable results I heard Regen is good for facial contouring? They had a bad review on the negative clinics thread though, but that was for nose.
  13. Hi Jessica, airport checkers will not be able to detect the metal on the face. I did T cut, so there is a metal on my chin. Just that if something accidentally hits my chin, it hurts.
  14. Sorry to hear that :S Would this be a problem if I play sports a lot? (I do football and sometimes fall over)
  15. Hmm.. You have to be super careful not to let the ball or people hit your face esp your nose. I read somewhere u have intention to do rhino right?