V-line and double jaw advice with photos


Sep 7, 2019
Hello everyone, I'd like your help.2 years ago i went to a plastic surgeon to make my long and square jaw v-line but as you can see in my photos he totally botched me.he also put a chin implant to make my natural square chin more v shape but it elongated my face and it makes me look like i have a slight underbite but my bite is perfect,it just looks like i have an underbite because of the implant..im going to Korea for surgery and id like your opinion.should i also get double jaw surgery together with v-line?doctors recommend it but i ve heard about people being recommended surgeries they don't need.id appreciate your help, I'm posting pictures of me and of how i want to look(i know one of them is a guy but i love the shape of his jaw and chin).thank you






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May 3, 2020
Did you get vline with that doctor or only the chin implant? What was the shape of your chin before the implant?

Doctors recommend double jaw for a lot of people. If you're set on removing the implant, you could do that first and see how you like the result before you proceed with deciding on double jaw, since it's a serious surgery you can't reverse and can affect many areas of your face.

Judging from the before-after, the second girl looks like she (on top of the vline) also got zygoma reduction, genioplasty, rhinoplasty, some kind of skin lift...

Your face already looks slim.

As for the last photo, the face is angled and the lighting turned up. I have wide jaws but if I position my head the way the last girl is doing, my face shape looks "v-line" like that.


Oct 12, 2018
I think you should remove the chin implant or get a smaller implant and have fat grafted to your midface to give the babyface look. You don't need v-line or double jaw surgery and if you do both it could result in extreme sagging, resulting in you needing a facelift. If you do decide to go ahead please do your research when choosing clinics. People have had permanent, irreversible damage after vline & DJS.
Dec 3, 2020
girl your face shape is my goal. if i were you, i wouldn't touch my face. your face is LITERAL GOAL. i love your face shape and the chin. it's sooo pretty. please, dont mess with ur face. i'm not saying this to make you feel good. i'm saying this from the bottom of my heart. this is straight up fact. you are gorgeous. don't do anything with your face. don't do djs or vline.
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Jul 18, 2019
Just like you, I had similar to your current face shape but, the only difference I had no surgeries before nor did I get any implants. I went to Regen in Korea for a checkup and they suggested a two-jaw for a balanced face. Hope it helps.


Sep 18, 2018
isn't two jaw surgery meant for people who have an overbite or underbite? i don't think it'll be the only way to achieve what you want, especially because you have a normal bite and don't need it. it's a really major surgery. what was your chin like before the implant?


Dec 11, 2019
I think I used to look similar to you currently before my double jaw surgery (maybe more pronounced), my surgeon didn't recommend me a v-line considering I had good occlusion at that moment aside from the facial asymmetry. You can look at my pics in this post, I did ask for natural results to get a more rounded chin instead of a super pointy v-shape.