V.Hud Booties

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  1. She also wore them here awhile ago:

    they're by Free People from either late 07 or early 08.
  2. Thanks so much! Too bad it's not available anymore.
  3. apparently they were sam edelman for free people! I tried to contach sam edelman about them but the contact page owulndt work on the website :sad:
  4. ^^really?? I really like the style and the height of the boots. I was hoping to get those but Seychelles has something sorta similar and was thinking of getting those... I wish they still had this one (free people) available though.
  5. which seychelles style? the seychelles chit chat boots look similar to hers. i have them in black. if you want more information/review or pictures of them, let me know.
  6. yes the chit chat boots!! can you please post some pictures of them. they look different in each picture that i see. how is the fit and how is the material? thank you so much!
  7. I would love to steal her closet. I love everything she wears!
  8. Me too Anna. I think her closet is good enough to shop in. One stop shop. Clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. :tup:
  9. thank u betsybabe. I also like the philip style by steve madden as well but would rather have it in leather and in brown.... but i haven't been able to see it lately. that's a cute pair too that you said. thanks again! :smile: