V for Vendetta

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  1. [​IMG]

    Has anyone seen this movie? I know I'm a little late, but I just saw this movie for the first time a few nights ago (loved it) and theres a moment in it, the climax really, that reminded me of tPF. I know thats weird, lol. I also know that you all will understand though.

    Its the part where Evey is being "kept prisoner" and shes reading that letter from Valerie (former prisoner). The conclusion of the letter which reads --

    That right there. Thats how I feel towards so many of you on the forum because you just dont know how many hard times you have helped me, still are helping me, and will help me get through.

    I hope I havent spoiled the movie for anyone who still hasnt seen it! lol. Sorry to get mushy too LOL But those are just the perfect words!

    Did anyone else just love this movie? Like it? Hate it?
  2. Loved the movie. The message is profound and it stays with you for a long time.
  3. My brother has the movie..I haven't watched it yet b/c it doesn't quite appeal to me. But, now since I've heard that you all liked it, I might have to give it a chance..I'll watch it tonight (If I have time I don't want to miss Project Runway) or tomorrow night & tell you all if I liked it or not. I heard it's like the movie UltraViolet.
  4. I saw this a few months ago, and thought that it was really good. I'm glad that you found a part of the movie pretty meaningful and could tie it to the PF!
  5. It's a GREAT film! Definitely recommend it.

    That's such an amazing quote addicted! It does bring out a lot of the message of the movie, and captures lots of the TPF love too:love:
  6. I just watched this 2 days ago- it's incredible. The Wachowski Brothers love putting messages in their films.

    I wonder if President Bush saw it and what he thought....he probably would love to run a country that way.
  7. I love it, love it, love it, loooooove it.

    One, if not THE, all time favorite of mine. Can't you tell where my avatar's from? I just watched it again today on the plane, such a strong movie, with so much underlying pretense, very good flick.

    I am also a big fan of the comic novel, great stuff.
  8. I just watched it last night. It is such a great film! The ending was kind of sad though. Vlad I always knew where your avatar came from...even though I didn't see the film I still saw the commericals. LOL! The film wasn't what I expected..I was thinking it was going to be a macho movie & sorry I'm a girl so naturally I like "chick flicks". I recommend!
  9. i watch this movie and honestly i HATE it! i prefer the comic than the movie. i expected to see less romance, the romance is just TOO much for me :P
  10. I AGREE!
  11. I just saw it two nights ago. It was good, but some of it was just laughable. Like, seahorseinstripes said, the romance. How could she fall in love with him after all that? That's ridiculous. And some parts of the movie were irrelevant. It was still a good movie though
  12. i loved it too!!! GREAT movie!
  13. and i'm a fans og hugo weaving, i love him on matrix... but i just keep on laughing with his hair...
  14. just watched it and loved it, great movie. A++++
  15. Oooh I loved it!! I felt so moved by the letter :cry: It was really beautiful :heart:

    I think the movie had a great pace and it was really enjoyable :yes: I recommended it to a bunch of my friends and they all liked it :smile: