V. Expensive gown

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  1. Hello all. How are we?

    Ok I need a little advice. I have a very epensive dress listed BIN on ebay. I was hoping to sell it within the UK however I have had an offer from the USA.

    What is the best way to proceed with the sale? How do you all sell your expensive handbags etc... Obviously paypal is not exactly good at protecting the seller.

    It is around $5,000 I just dont know if it is worth the risk.

    Any thoughts?x
  2. what does their history look like?
  3. what kind of feedback does the buyer have?

    how do you intend to ship? and will your buyer pay for insurance,etc.

    does your buyer know she is responsible for duty as well... you do not intend

    to ship it as a gift correct? so will declare the full value
  4. Hello. She has feedback of 259 all as a buyer. I don't know how I would ship I would need to find a company that does insurance to that value. I would declare all 100%. She is based in California.

    I do have an American bank account and thought she could put the money in to that?
  5. Just a note: Buyers aren't responsible for insuring items. Sellers are. Sellers are responsible for getting the items safely to buyers. If any issues arise with loss, theft, etc., buyers aren't liable. Ebay prohibits sellers from stating that buyers are responsible for purchasing insurance.

    Has she left any negative/neutral feedback for sellers that would make you raise an eyebrow? :hrmm: 259 feedback sounds like she's done more than her fair share of ebay purchases...have some of the feedback been for high end merchandise (and not just odds and ends or smaller ticket items?)

    If she does a bank $ transfer, that would be great for you as a seller (not great for her as a buyer in terms of protection).
  6. Oh yes of course. I would insure it for the full value - fail to prepare, prepare to fail!!!
  7. Her feedback left for others is all very nice and kind.

    I can't see the value of any of the items she has purchased. All seem to be collectors and vintage items Elizabeth Taylor, Disney... could be worth £3 could be $3,000 ???
  8. if she is willing to do a bank transer that is all good & well... & yes I would insure

    it for the full value.. perhaps put some kind of security tag on this garment..

    & you will have to find a shipper that will accept this package... DHL might

    and perhaps Fedex...just check... keep us posted...
  9. Thanks folks. Anymore advice is much appreciated!!!

  10. how recent/old are these purchases?
  11. You should reiterate that you won't be responsible for any duty or customs fees if your buyer gets hit with them.

    Fully insure, and use tracking and signature confirmation.
  12. Personally, I think you are taking a big risk. Because even with insurance, signature confirmation, waiving responsibility for customs fees and appropriate tracking, the buyer can still pull a scam, like claiming the gown is flawed in some way. And paypal will side with her and pull funds from your account.

    As hotshot stated, the safest way to conduct this transaction is via bank transfer, not paypal.

    For such a big ticket item I would rather deal with consignment versus auction even though the loss is more substantial. With internet fraud abound, peace of mind is important!
  13. I agree with everyone else. Take all and every precautions you can. Have you checked her feedback with toolhaus? Because ebay negatives and neutrals disappear of people's profiles after a certain amount of time.
    Good luck! and please keep us posted.
  14. Thanks folks. Her feedback some is recent from the past few months and some is older. She has been an ebay member since 2000.

    Roey: I am not sure what you mean about consignment vs auction ?
  15. I don't disagree totally with the consignment way. The biggest
    issue I have with consignment, is that if the item doesn't sell
    it always doesn't come back in the same condition as it was given.
    pulls, lipstick marks, stains, broken zippers, etc...with auction, if
    the garment is given a reserve and doesn't meet the reserve, that
    information always is available for reference...

    Since you have a buyer & so far their feedback seems to be positive,
    and they are willing to do a bank transfer and will be responsible
    for duty, you should consider this transaction... you will ship it
    fully insured & with a reputable carrier... think you'll be ok..