V-day Reveal!

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  1. #1 Feb 14, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2010
    "By the way, you're not allowed to buy anything until Valentine's day."

    "What? Why!? How am I supposed to survive for a week without shopping!?"

    "But I want your V-day present to be a complete surprise!"

    "Oh, you got my present already!? But... The only boutique I'll probably buy anything from is Chanel anyway."


    "And you're so not getting me anything from Chanel. I mean, I wouldn't want you to anyway. We should save up for Japan this summer."


    "So it's not like I'll accidentally stumble upon my present or anything... Right?"


    "NO YOU DID NOT." :wtf:


    And so I realized that the S/O had picked up something from Chanel for me, and after an agonizing week-long wait, I finally got to open all my gifts! And sure enough, one of them was a small black box that instantly caught my eye:




    S/O spotted the ring upon entering the boutique and knew there was no leaving without such a beautiful piece... Somehow S/O just knew I would LOVE this ring! I tried to take modeling photos but apparently I fail at hand modeling, haha. The ring is so much fun to wear because the sparkly charms dangle freely and the crystals catch so much light~ I'm so happy! ♥

    Thanks for letting me share my excitement! :yahoo:

    Happy Valentine's day and lunar new year to all who celebrate it!!! ♥

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  2. :nuts: this is indeed an awesome ring! Such a sweet S/O. Happy V Day! :biggrin:
  3. So so cute, congratulations :biggrin:
  4. love this! congrats

  5. LOVE!!!!!!
  6. so pretty!
  7. Lovely! Congrats!
  8. What a wonderful Valentine's Day!! Congratulations!
  9. Tartine, Cari284, pls5, beljwl, f1re_cr4cker, lilyelloworchid, sbelle ~ Thank you for your sweet comments!! :biggrin: ♥
  10. YAY!!! Nighteyes Congrats! Soo gorgeous! Enjoy your Vday! :biggrin:

    Me and SO decided not to give gifts this year (we are trying to save)! Plus he's working so we won't even be spending Vday together! :Push:
  11. Congrats, Nighteyes! A perfect Valentine's gift.
  12. Pretty ring & sweet SO. Enjoy your ring & yr Vday!
  13. :cloud9: what a sweet SO! Happy v-day. Your ring is so sparkly
  14. Awesome Valentine gift. Real sweet!
  15. I love it! It is so unique!