V-Day Gift for Fiancee

  1. Does anyone have ideas/advice on a Valentine's Day gift for my fiancee?

    He's signed up for getting me the new heart coin purse. I'm SO excited.

    For him, I was thinking of something personal - cufflinks (he just opened up a new office and now wears suits daily), key chain, etc? (He has a wallet and a murse (man-purse) that I got him from LV already, and I just recently got him a card holder). For you shopping experts out there, please do lend your expertise! Budget = under $500, including tax.
  2. The cuff links sound really nice, especially to go with his new office. How about a money clip? You could engrave it with his initials or the date.
  3. Perhaps the cufflinks... would like something tasteful that doesn't scream LV but those 'in the know' would know...
  4. or belt? Damier/Epi/Taiga/Nomade Agenda w/his inital (or urs^^) heat stamped<---free service from LV?
  5. congrats for the V-day "heart"gift.....

    dusty paws's idea is good, money clip...thats what i might go for too
  6. I must be totally ignorant, but how do men use money clips different from a normal wallet? Just less clutter?
  7. money clip's a great idea!
  8. it depends, some like to use it some don't, not every man go for the clip-at least my dad, uncles, and BF don't.
  9. Tiffany cufflinks!!!!!!
  10. Oooh, but I wanna get something from Louis! Or, is there a particular set of cufflings at T's that are extremely breathtaking? Please do share!
  11. money clips are for guys that like to carry wads of cash around rather than swipe cards :smile:
  12. LOL... definitely not my fiancee, then.
    I shall check out their cufflink collection in the store this weekend. A little bling can't hurt, right? After all, this is Cali not DC... kekeke

    Thanks, guys, for all of your very helpful advice!
  13. lol, that's so true, perhaps that's why my family and BF don't like to use it/cuz nothing to show off of? lol
    Does ur fiancee use wallet or money clip? It's hard to covert from one to another, if you do have ur mind set on money clip, make sure he is comfortable using it. If not agenda from the lines i've mention, what about a nice LV pen?
  14. He's more of a plastic kinda guy. I already got him a Taiga wallet in Grizzli that he absolutely adores (and had his initials heatstamped). He's not much of an Agenda kind of guy - MS Outlook is his life and he syncs it with every electronic device that will. I got him a Cartier pen a two years ago and when my Dad visited in November he got him a new Mont Blanc... But, Classic Chic, thank you so much for these thoughtful, great suggestions! Had it not been situation I would probably consider them all! It's tough shopping for men... if I can find him a nice tie I might get him that... or cufflinks, perhaps... I could buy it elsewhere, but ANY EXCUSE TO GET BACK INTO THE LV STORE!!
  15. I see! ;) Nope I don't have any particular cufflink in mind - I just thought of Tiffany immediately when I read "cufflinks"!! LOL!!

    How about...


    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - LV Motif Cufflinks N; m30576

    Gorgeous IMO!!