V Day advice

  1. Hi, need some advice. Recently bought my wife the Mono Alma and am looking for a V Day present to go with it.

    Looking at a wallet/checkbook maybe. The Portefeuille Accordeon, the Porte Tresor International, or the Pochette Wallet. Any preferences that might help me decide?

    The Vernis Heart coin purse is cool, but seems not so functional...

    I also like the Porte Tresor International in Vernis, but don't know if my wife is into the Vernis. She really likes the mono...

    A final choice might be the Pastilles Key Holder, which is v. cool, but $330 is a lot for a keychain.

    Any advice from forum members would be greatly appreciated.

    From a husband needing some help....
  2. What a sweet husband you are!
    The vernis heart would be a home run no matter what. So romantic...a beautiful gift for any woman from her loving husband.
    Failing that, I'd go with either the Pochette wallet or perhaps consider the Eugenie wallet in mono canvas. The Eugenie is the one my husband surprised me with and I love it to pieces!
  3. Thanks for the reply...so much.

    I love the Vernis Heart because of the charms on the chain, but in the end, it is just a decoration that would hang in the purse and not really be used.

    So my question is would you rather have the romantic heart with the charms or a wallet that you would actually pull out and use, or carry on its own? Not so romantic, but perhaps more desired because you would use it?
  4. Does she have a LV wallet of any kind, if she does I would go with the heart because it is hard to come by, also it is an Limited Edition item and will look wonderful hanging off any of her handbags
  5. Greg, what about the Pochette wallet in pomme vernis? You have a functional wallet, and the red vernis for the romance of V-day. Kind of the best of both worlds. It seems you can never go wrong with pomme vernis anything.
    Yes, and as newcitylady mentioned.....we're assuming she could use a new wallet?!
  6. She has no wallet...so I am leaning toward that.

    I like the limited edition nature of the Heart Coin Purse, but now notice that it is out of stock online and I am 180 miles from a Vuitton store.

    I love the Pochette in vernis, but again, it seems to be out of stock online. eLuxury has it in Noisette, Perle and Violette, but those are not so good for Valentines.

    Can I call my "local" store and order directly?

    Thanks again for all the help.
  7. Call the 1-866 number and have them track down a wallet for you at a store somewhere in the country since they have a master inventory list. They will even connect you right to the store while they have you there on the phone if it is open. You can then have the store do a charge-send for you and have it delivered right to your home or office.
    You can try to see if they can find a heart, but at this point unless you were on a waitlist months ago, it's pretty much a longshot.
    Good luck!
  8. Alright, I am on the list and Vuitton is calling West Coast stores the aren't open yet to see if they can find the Heart Coin Purse for me....love the customer service.

    If that fails, which seems likely, can I ask one more question?

    We are a Mono family and I am wondering what the consensus is here: should I go for the Pochette in mono or vernis? I might have trouble finding the vernis in red, so should I just stick with the mono or look further?

    Is the vernis much more desirable among the mono fans here?

    Thanks again. It is great having a support group helping me out....
  9. If your wife likes red,then I'd go for it and try to find a vernis wallet in pomme. You might want to have a 1st and 2nd choice.....Pochette wallet first, Porte Tresor 2nd, for instance in case they have some trouble locating one for you. If you strike out there or she's not a fan of red, then you definately can't go wrong with a wallet in mono canvas.
    Stay on the phone with 1-866 til they find you what you want! lol!:tup: They're pretty good about tracking things down.
  10. Oh! By the way, nobody said the hearts were practical.....they're just so darn cute! :p
  11. Any theories on the Alexandra vs. the Pochette vs. the Portefeuille Accordeon?

    The Accordeon looks like a motorcycle wallet for guys, but I was wondering if anyone thought they would carry it on its own with the chain?
  12. Alexandra is nice....it's a smaller compact style of wallet as compared to the Pochette wallet, which is longer and full size. The Pochette style of wallet is more like a clutch and in my opinion, much more feminine. Alexandra is nice for the smaller handbags or for someone who doesn't carry many cards, papers etc. I like the overall look of a Pochette wallet better.

    I agree, I think the Portefeuille Accordeon, besides being a mouthful to say, looks alot like a man's wallet.
    Lots to think about!
  13. I love the vernis line! I got a cles in the amarante color from that line for Valentines Day. I have two babies under two so the smallness of it was a huge plus. Plus, it fit perfectly into the pocket in my diaper bag.

    That being said - I eventually will purchase a vernis wallet. I just like the ease of the cles right now. I am deciding between a zippy wallet and the french purse. They are all wonderful and you can't go wrong!
  14. Thanks for all your help and opinions.

    I am on a short list with the LV store in San Diego for the Red Vernis Heart Coin Purse and I am going to probably go ahead and get the mono Pochette.

    I am afraid if I got the Accordeon I would keep it for myself and that would never do....

    Thanks again everyone and I will update and let you all know what happens (but i can tell you now that it looks like I will end up with both....:drool:)
  15. Hey Greg, would you mind calling my darling SO and teaching him a thing or two about the appreciation of LV??


    Best of luck on your hunt for the perfect V-Day gift!!!