V.B's closet? Anyone?

  1. Just wondering if there's ever been a pic printed of VB's closet....you know the way the magazines show the inside of Mariah's? Now THAT I'd pay big money to see.....:nuts:

    :girlsigh: :girlsigh:
  2. me too....I have a secret fascination with her.........!
  3. I'm fascinated by her Hermes collection. I wonder if any of it was bought as retaliation against Becks' "indiscretion" with that other girl :biggrin:
  4. THAT'LL teach him!!!!
  5. Heck yeah :biggrin:
    That's an expensive lesson on how not to piss off your wife. :biggrin:
  6. She uses a warehouse!
  7. LOL! I know they've done KImora Lee Simmons but don't think VB was ever featured. I'd LOOOOVe to see her "warehouse!"
  8. I WISH!!! I know in her documentary, The Real Beckhams, they are moving from their hotel to a house and she is standing in the middle of the room with rolling racks full of her clothes. And in their house, they don't show her closet, but show his part with maybe 100 pairs of Adidas shoes, etc.:nuts:
  9. adidas shoes that he got for FREE
    i saw in a doco his and her cars... they didnt show their closet tho.. i wonder if she still has all her old LVs like her graffiti n stuff..
  10. they need to do an MTV cribs of the beckham household.
  11. OO He had an "indiscretion"?? I didn't know that! When was this? No wonder she has so much nice clothes and gets a Bentley every year for Christmas :smile:
  12. Hi Irene,

    Is this documentary out in DVD? I would love to watch this one...
  13. her closet would be amazing.
  14. Closets of the Rich and Famous! Now that would be a great show!
  15. Ohhh...I've never heard of that movie Irene,....is it available everywhere? Maybe I can Netflix it!