V. Beckham

  1. I know LV_addict posted a bunch of pics of V. Beckham in a different thread. But here's more!

    Love the outfit! The shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!



  2. the outfit is elegant but i think she looks scary. shes too skinny and tan.. and plastic. she looked good in the spice girls era though. i loved the spice girls!!!!
  3. I really luv Victoria B though. I think she has a great sense of fashion. Its hard to have 3 kids and look that good. Just look at Britney, when she just got one, she had already looked totally different.
  4. Love the shades, shoes and skirt! She's always FIERCE! Always!
  5. Who makes those glasses she's wearing? I want them!
  6. Ditto!
  7. THOSE SHOES :heart:3333333

    What kind of shoes are those again? I think I asked LV_addict. .if I did I've already forgotten :shame:
  8. lols. she is sooo thin.
  9. she's thin but for some a reason I don't think that's a problem at all. I like her style...that shoes TDF I need to see more pics of her hubby:shame: :shame:
  10. those are hot shoes
    but i don't see how i could possibly walk in those...
  11. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. she looks so gorgeous.....
  13. She looks perfect! I don't think she's too thin...and in this picture I don't think she's too tan...although sometimes she is.
  14. I really don't like her. But I do reckon she has a wonderful style.
  15. I wonder if her feet ever hurt? I don't think I have ever seen in her low heels/flats.