V. Beckham & her bag!

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  1. I just adore V. Beckham! I love her style and esp. her bags!

    Does anyone know what bag she is carrying in these pics?

    victoria_beck5.jpg victoria_beck4.jpg
  2. I have no idea.. LV_Addict should know !! ;)
  3. Nice bag.

    Why is she wearing sandals and a fur coat though? :wacko:
  4. ^^^I don't know- but I love those sandals!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I don't know what the bag is - but the girl is SHARP!
  6. O/t I do like her outfit, but why does her faced look so weathered, she so young! I think the fake tan thing is going overboard!
  7. Those sandals are jimmy choo but soo uncomfortable, i tried them in the store and couldnt walk two steps in them.

    The bag might be a dolce.
  8. i think dolce & gabbana too...she's a big friend of them!
  9. Thats a hot bag! Not a fan of the sandles thought which is odd being that I love Jimmy Choo, moreso then Manolos.

    If I wore fur, I would wear sandles with it. She has great taste and style. ;)
  10. Looking GREAT as usual! I don't know what brand the bag is. It IS a great bag though! I want to say Dolce but don't they usually throw in D & G letters all over their accessories? Who knows ...
  11. Love the bag!
  12. Agreed! She did have awfully bad skin a few years ago, so i expect she's had all the chemical peels etc, they can make your skin look a bit older cos it strips off the top layer....OUCH!:blink:

    I also think she is far too thin....compared to when she was in 'The Spice Girls'....however i am loving the coat, the sandals, the bag...but maybe not all together?:biggrin:
  13. it looks like Dolce or Valentino
  14. I noticed that too :sad: If it is the tanning, I wish she would lay off, I think shes so pretty.
  15. I hope her bag is big enough for a sandwich - she looks like she could use one or 4. I really think the whole anorexia look is just horrible.
Thread Status:
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