V Beckham and Gordon Ramsay opening LA restaurant!

  1. I read today that Gordon Ramsay and Victoria Beckham have been in talks to open a restaurant in LA.

    Considering that VB doesn't seem to eat anything and Gordon's new restaurant in the US has got bad reviews do you think this is a good idea?
  2. What does VB know about food? I dont think she eats much of anything. Im also not the biggest fan of Gordon Ramsay. But seeing as they are both celebrities, them joining up wouldnt surprise me.
  3. Who is Gordon Ramsey?

    VB... and restaurant... now isn't that oxymoronic... I mean, come on, she doesn't eat!

    I can just see a VB menu...

    Diet Coke (I've heard that's all she drinks... that she "hates the taste of water")
    Small green salad (three leaves) no dressing
    One table spoon of edamame
    Desert- one steamed baby carrot sprinkled with artificial sweetner.

    Don't get me wrong... I love VB's style, and especially her handbag collection, but a restaurant?! Too funny!
  4. That would be interesting!
    Kinda doubt it's going to happen though.
    I think he already has a few resturants.
  5. I think it is likely to be something to do with them being neighbours, when the Beckhams are in the UK.

    Gordon Ramsay has recently been using the Beckhams land and barns to keep their lambs safe, after one of them was killed by what they believe was a big cat.
  6. They are friends, Gordon is a cook, Victoria has a business woman in her=why not:yes:
  7. Is Gordan Ramsay the guy on Hells Kitchen?

    That would be interesting..... I wonder what kind of food it would be?
  8. Just as long as the menu isn't filled with profanity! Gordon isn't exactly the most tactful talker
  9. ^^
    Haha! I can see it now:

    f:cursing:cking Scallops basted in f:cursing:cking White Wine on a bed of f:cursing:cking Penne

    And instead of Bon Appetit, the waiters will say "Go F:cursing:ck Yourself."