Uzes or Parioli?

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  1. I'm trying to decide between these two. Does anyone have any opinions about one or the other? Thye both look to be about what I am looking for in a tote -- not too big, not too small . . . . I was curious to hear from anyone who has tried both, and maybe can give me a list of pros and cons for each? thanks!
  2. I have the oarioli and luv the size , I am skepital about the handles ,they just stand up and look funny when you have your purse next to you. i am returning-this really bothers me. The magnetic closer is secure but its also a hassle to open you really have to pull on it hard, too much money for me to not be 100% satisfied.
  3. I had a parioli, but returned it as well. The straps had a defect in it so I decided to get a credit and buy other things. I did like it; the magnetic top was a neat feature. Ever consider the Chelsea? I am loving that bag! I did try on the Uzes, but it was huge in size and uncomfortable on the shoulder. Good luck on your choice:biggrin:
  4. I did look at the Chelsea last time I was in an LV store, but it seemed too big, and also too boxy and plain and business-looking, almost like a briefcase. I was loking for something that I could bring to work but that also wouldn't be out of place as a travel bag or on weekends, even. Do you think the Uzes seemed even bigger to you than then Chelsea?
  5. Not one of your choices but how about a Saleya PM or MM?
  6. Actually I forgot to mention that I already have a Saleya PM, so I'm looking for a different style for a tote. But I do love my Saleya!