Uzes or Chelsea?

  1. Hi, all, it's my first post because I just discovered this message board and it is so neat to find people like you who love purses as much as I do! :yahoo:
    I have a few LVs, but they are medium sized. I'm looking for one that will work for the office, where I can hold documents in it, but still be a nice purse.

    I'm down to the Chelsea and the Uzes. Any tips?

    Also any pictures of you with your bags would be helpful!

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. Welcome! :flowers:

    I have the Chelsea and I love it - I use it for work and it holds letter-size documents, my lunch, and shoes! :yes:
  3. I recommend the chelsea, it's great!
  4. The Chelsea holds a ton, but it definitely feels like a tote. I think the Uzes is a litte more purselike.
  5. I used my chelsea as a briefcase. It is not at all purselike.
  6. The Uzes is nice, but I love the Chelsea!
  7. I love the Uzes, I'm getting one this week =)
  8. I love both bags! I think personally I lean towards The Uzes! I love the look of it the most over The Chelsea. Either one you decide on - I'm sure you will be very happy!
  9. I love the pockets on uzes, this bag looks really hot!!
    the Chelsea is quite popular here in TPF so it will probably gey the most nods.
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