Uva is...

  1. ...spanish for grape. And here she is:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. congrats!!! this is hands down the most gorgeous color of f/w 07, don't you think???? :yahoo:
  4. Oh she is beautiful, congrats on such a scrummy sexy city!!!!
  5. Holy Moley!!!!! Look at the leather on your bag!!!!!! :wtf::wtf::wtf:You scored big time!!!!!:yahoo:Congrats!!!!!
  6. Thanks girls!!! Let me get more pics!
  7. Back

    purse03.JPG purse04.JPG
  8. The leather has so much character as well as the gorgeous colour. You are really lucky to get this bag!
  9. GORGEOUS!!!! I love the leather on your bag and the color is really my favorite! Congratulations!
  10. It was really hard to photograph this bag. Here are some examples:
    Inside with flash = too light
  11. Congrats.:yahoo: The leather is so yummy and chewy.:nuts:
  12. OMG that is stunning!

  13. Inside no flash = way too dark

    Inside with natural light (I opened a window) = blue???
    DSC00746.jpg DSC00747.jpg
  14. oh! that's beautiful!!!
  15. The leather on that bag is making me drool!!!

    OMG, that is BBAG PERFECTION!!!!