UV or LED lamp for next upgrade?? >>>

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  1. I have read through a few threads here and it seems that one of the best LED lamps is the Gelish 18G. For UV, it seems that many like the CND lamp.

    I have the Mally LED lamp. The kit cost about $200 (with tax and shipping), but I think the lamp by itself is around $70 (+/-).

    What would make the most sense if I want to UPGRADE and have it be the last lamp I purchase??? I still want to play around with the Mally light, but want to use non-Mally gel polishes. If this lamp doesn't cure the other polishes, I'd like to UPGRADE to a "professional quality" lamp, as per another member's suggestion.

    I'm torn between spending a LOT more money for yet another LED , vs spending equal or less money than I spent for my Mally LED for a UV lamp (which at least would let me try Shellac and other UV only polishes).


    Which do you all feel makes more sense?
    I'd go for the UV, but then I'll want the fingerless gloves. And, I'm not sure if UV is going to become obsolete soon. ? I read on this forum somewhere that CND was supposed to come out with an LED-cure version of Shellac in Jan 2014. Has this come out yet?

    Is LED the way of the future?
    Or do you all still think UV lamps will remain relevant?

    Hubby is ready to pitch a fit. I told him I "needed to invest in the Mally system because going to GEL manis would save me sooooooooooooooooo much money vs what I've spent on my huge reg np collection. Well, he already sees my latest venture as the latest money pit. lol

    So.....higher quality LED lamp? or should I go for a less expensive UV?

  2. I had a Thermal Spa UV that I got off Amazon for $85. It worked well for about 2 years, then I started having issues with curing, polish lifting, etc. I'm pretty sure it needed new bulbs. I was a bit annoyed at the time needed for UV. 2 minutes per coat doesn't sound like lot, but when you are doing 3-4 color coats, plus base and top, it adds up! So while I was browsing for new bulbs, I started looking at LED. I ended up with the OPI LED, bought off Amazon for about $180 or so. I love it. It is so fast, and it feels so sturdy and solid. Plus, I will never have to change bulbs, ever. I would never go back to UV. I think LED is the wave of the future.
  3. A professional level lamp, although absolutely wonderful, is a big investment to make at the beginning. Hubby is right; this can be a huge money pit :shame:. I recommend doing it in stages.

    I started with CND Shellac and a CND Shellac lamp. A year later, when I decided to go LED, I was able to get a Gelish 18g and an OPI for a steal (student who was switching brands). I was also able to sell my CND Shellac lamp and polishes for a very good price.

    Things are different now. I wouldn't even bother with a UV lamp, unless I was determined to use Shellac. I also think it better to pick a brand and learn it well and then branch out into other brands. I'd recommend Gelish since it is easy to get, has a great range of colors and great lamps. You can get a Gelish mini pro LED lamp for $75 at Sally. Then pick up colors in the Gelish mini line. They're not great value for money for a pro, but it's fine for most of us DIYers. Give yourself six months to master the application and removal of Gelish. If, in six months, you're still hooked, you can branch out into brands like OPI, LeChat, Artistic Colour Gloss, Jessica Geleration, etc and upgrade to a 5-45 or 18g.
  4. Thank you both!
    Ok, I think I will stick with LED if I ever upgrade.

    Good news:
    I did a new gel mani today (I posted about it under the other thread "Are SOGs worth is?" (or something like that). I used a Gelish polish (the color is terrible on me, BUT the Mally lamp cured it just fine, so YAY for that!!!). I did use the Mally base and topcoat as that was the only brand I had.

    I think I will keep playing around with the Mally lamp and various other brand gel polishes. Hopefully, her lamp will cure them all without issue. When I decide to upgrade, I will choose between the 18G and the OPI. They are quite pricey.