Uv manicure

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  1. Hi

    Just curious, has anyone had a uv manicure before? I just got one because i am sick of the manicures being done after a day but i dont know how i feel about it...

  2. Nope, what is that? Sorry, what do you mean by 'manicures being done after a day'?:confused1:
  3. Sorry I meant chipping.
  4. The "Best Answer" for this Yahoo Question has some good information about UV Gel nails:

    Are you talking about your nail polish chipping or your standard acrylic nails chipping?
  5. Well it seems that as soon as i get the manicure its messed up. Its sickening ... I have been trying to use gloves when i do stuff around the house but it never fails. So this uv manicure has a coating a little like the acrylic but its supposed to be non-damaging ...
    Just curious
  6. It is a little like acrylic, and better if you're trying to grow out your natural nails. My mom gets gel put over her natural nails with no added tips, and for her they give strength to her thin nails. Gels are more damaging than silk wraps, but less damaging than acrylics if you grow them out. However, since there's no solvent for gels like there is for acrylic, (acetone). If you want to remove them you have to file them down or lift them off which would make them more damaging than acrylics. My mom files her gel thin, then fills them in as they grow out to keep her natural nails strong.

    I'm still unsure whether you're talking about your nail polish chipping, or your acrylic nails chipping?
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    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    It sound like you are talking about gels.

    I've had these for about 3 years. Was suffering from serious hangnails & putting this on my nails prevents those. I like them! Only had one break in 3 years & it was when we were on vacation & had been 5 weeks since I had an appoinment. Needed a fill bad!

    Keep them pretty short & use the natural colors so people think they are my nails cause they are so thin. Had acrylic only once 30 years ago when they first came out, didn't like them.

    Go in about every 17 days to fill in the growth.
  8. Oh, I thought you were talking about uv gel nails. :P

    I read "uv nails" and figured gel, since the uv light is used to cure, you know. Have you found any websites about them? I have no idea what you're talking about.

    I tried to search for more information but all I could find relating to "uv nails" is specifically uv gel.