Uuumm, GHD again, LOL.. black VS pink one (and T3 h-dryers)

  1. I finally got my GHD, the black one that is. I've been looking into the pink one and it looks so cute, it even has cute pink cable! Does the pink one works the same? And does the pink LE ones come out each October to support the breast cancer society?

    And the T3 hair dryer.. does it really works wonders?? It's another close to 300 (AUD) I gotta spend if I'm to buy this thing. I always use hair dryer first before flat iron, and so if this one is really good, might be a good investment in the long run. Thinking of getting the Tourmaline. But is the Featherweight already good enuff?

    Gals? Opinions?
  2. Its just the same thing, but its pink and cute!
    Yes they do support the breast cancer trust.

  3. ^^^
    So, next year, there's gonna be a pink one again then?
    I'll wait till next year then. Hopefully by that time, it's already a newer model. I like the pink one so much, but there's no way I will buy a pink one just now after I got my black one.
  4. I like my T3 but I'm not convinced that it's worth what they charge.

    As for the GHD, I have the pink one and I love it! I've had no problems with mine so far and I use it every morning.
  5. I invested in a T3 and it's saving my hair from the frying effect it got through using my previous ionic dryer. I'm still debating whether to keep the Overnight or the Featherweight -- both ultimately end with the same, smooth, soft hair!

    I agree with Archipelago that I'm not so sure that the $100~170 price difference between a regular hair dryer and T3 is really worth it, though, but if you have the money, then go for it!
  6. Thanks peach and archipelago. I'll def look out for the pink ones in next year's edition. As for the T3, since my b'day is coming up, I'm demanding it to be my present from my mom, LOL!
  7. ^^^
    Scratch that, just decided not to invest on the T3. I am already satisfied with my GHD, I don't think I need the T3.
  8. Yup!
    The pink ones are like limited edition for a certain amount of time then they stop selling, then sell them again the next again year.

  9. Thank you trolley..