uughh im confused please help

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  1. I am in love with my white MC speedy...i love it to death and i really want to get a carryall and was thinking about getting the white MC one but since i already have the speedy i feel like if i get it i will have 2 same bags..although the carry all has studs which i love...i like other carryalls but i don't get the same feeling...and do you ladies think it's already " DATED" ?

    I do love everything about it the colors, studs, brass at the corners:yahoo:

    help me ...im going crazy

    OR...should i wait till something else comes out that i will adore?
  2. I think it's ok to get it - the carryall you will only be using when you travel, right? If you love it that much...get it!
  3. hmm...i say you wait until something new comes out. there might something you like better.
  4. Nah...I say if you love it...get it! That's all that really matters!
    Plus...MC is part of the permanent collection...so I don't think it's dated!
  5. i say get it, as well! if u :heart: it .. do it :]

    later on if something comes along u like too .. then you can always just add to your collection, hehe!
  6. if you really love it then its totally worth getting, you know you will appriciate it.
  7. If you love it and it will be as treasured as your speedy, then go for it!
  8. It sounds like you are in love with it - so definitely go for it! I think it's cute to have a matching purse and luggage piece. If you take it home and realize that it's simply not for you then you can always return it.
  9. If you love it and you'll use it then go for it!
  10. If you love it and will use it a lot, then go for it!
  11. I agree with everyone else you sound head over heels for the carryall just get it if you love it so much! You only live once!
  12. if it's constantly on your mind and you can't eat, sleep or function...then it's time to get it! i think it will be so gorgeous and i rarely ever see it. :graucho:
  13. thank you ladies.....:wlae:
    ...you guys are the bestest
  14. Sounds like you love it! Doesn't matter if it's from the same line :yes:
    Go for it!
  15. The MC Keepall is such a hott peice!