Utterly smitten by Sponge-Bob-Square-Purse!!

  1. Can you believe it? Until just a few months ago Balenciaga bags were on my "will never buy" list. I just didn't get the appeal and all the hype.

    The Fendi and Prada forums are my home, but I've been stealing away to sneak peaks on this forum. After seeing all the pictures of your luscious bags week after week, :shocked: oh, my... :shocked: what's happened to me? :shocked: :rolleyes:

    I can't deny it any longer: I love Sponge-Bob-Square-Purse!!!! :drool: I love everything about them, their colors, the leather textures, and the shapes... they are all so beautiful. I must come to possess... many... these colors are INSANE!!

    So, another B bag nay-sayer bites the dust. It doesn't matter what extended-pubescent celebrity is or isn't carrying it. These bags stand on their own.
  2. hey there,
    i love lv but have been seeing the bbag and a, thinking of buying even thougjdont know where i can get in germany
  3. welcome to the club Decophile!! :flowers:
    so what are u planning to get dear :graucho:
    Sponge-Bob-Square-Purse.. is it the Balenciaga box? :angel:
  4. ^Thank you Vanilla! :flowers:

    Sponge-Bob-Square-Purse is what I call all B bags, since they look generally square. Not that there's anything wrong with that! The square shape to me is now part of the charm and allure.

    Probably want to start with a First and a City in funky/dark colors. We'll see how far I can stretch the dollars.

    How much are the First and City at retail price?
  5. Actually, I saw a Blue Roi Mini Bowling this weekend, and with a yellow scarf around the bottom it does resemble Sponge Bob!
  6. congratulations!!! :yahoo:
    we always love a new balenciaga convert :rolleyes:

    which b-bag did you decide to buy?
  7. Pointie, glad you agree!

    Seahorse, I've ordered the First Ink from personalshoppers. Veeeeeery expensive, and wondering if it was just my newbie ignorance not knowing what's a good price. But the color was a must have for me. I couldn't believe how gorgeous the Ink is!
  8. i know how u feel, the first time i bought my b-bag i was also stunned with the price. but when i hold the bag, it worths every cent...
    the bag is expensive because of it's all leather and the quality of the leather is outstanding...

    btw, nice choice decophile... please post pics when you receive the bag. i'm sure you'll love it! :P
  9. I know how you feel! My home was the LV forum and sometimes Fendi. :yes:
    Now i've sneaked over here and they GOT me! :shame:
    I now have a Grey First and a Pumpkin Twiggy on the way.
    2 in one week. I can see the addiction! :love:
  10. ^^very true. That's why I'm staying the hell away from the Hermes forum! I can't afford to be converted by those people.

    I'll definitely post pics when the Ink spills onto me.
  11. SO true!
    I went into the Hermes forum a few times, then had dreams of finding Kellys inside my LVs. SO, needless to say, i stay away now.
    I can not afford to spend that much on a bag..... now in a few years, maybe. lol
  12. yes, for me it was Louis, then Chloe, but I cheated on them for Balenciaga. I think I shall now be loyal and have a monogamous affair with B bags. I see no cheating or overlapping in my future. I will not stray.
  13. Sponge Bob Square Purse? :wtf::roflmfao: That's what my baby cousin called my B-bag too! :lol:
  14. Welcome, I felt like you when I saw them the first time. Just thought there was not much to them. But after spending more time here, trying one on and realizing that this bag was made for me I'm totally hooked! And funny enough I also started off with ink (work). I love this color. What are you getting next?

    Personally I'm still hesitant. rouge vif, grenat, greige...twiggy, city...oh my!
  15. Karrey,
    you can email info@fr.balenciaga.com and ask them for information on resellers.

    Ateliernaff (ateliernaff.blogspot.com) lists these three resellers of B-Bags in Germany:

    Theresa (Munich); +49-89-224845
    Modehaus Eickhoff (Duesseldorf); +49-211 - 86 20 11
    Van Ravenstein (Berlin); 49(0)30 31004602

    See you around!!