Utter Chaos: Hows This For A Store Opening

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  1. The battle of Primark: 3,000 customers force their way into new store

    5th April 2007

    They were hungry for bargains. And the 3,000 shoppers pressing against the glass of the new Primark store in Oxford Street, were tired of waiting.

    Despite the efforts of 50 security staff trying to keep control, they managed to force open the doors and tumble inside.
    Many found themselves trampled in the stampede. Two staff were hurt and needed hospital treatment. The shoppers, it must be presumed, simply brushed themselves off and rushed to the rails of cut-price clothing. Staff called on police for help and, at one stage, three officers on horseback were needed to control the queues outside

    Primark fans started lining up in the heart of London's West End at 2am yesterday. Some claimed they had been told the company was cutting prices to £1 per item for the opening day.

    But the store was selling exactly the same merchandise as it does at 163 other outlets in Britain and Ireland and at exactly the same price.
    One Primark guard said: "It got pretty hairy at one point. People were being knocked to the floor and they were pushing each other out of the way to get to the front. They were like animals. "We feared someone was going to get badly hurt and it took us a good while to calm them down."

    The atmosphere was likened to the opening of an IKEA store in Edmonton, North London, in February 2005, when 6,000 customers brawled to be first in line.
    Those waiting outside Primark told of rumours that everything in the shop was to be sold off for £1.
    Nadia Ellington, 21, from Hackney, East London, said: "My friend works here and she told me everything was a pound today. "She must have been told that by her boss and it clearly wasn't just her saying it because every one here seems to have heard the same thing. It looks like it was just a con to get people in."

    Shoppers were faced with a wait of two hours to get inside before loading up their baskets with dresses for as little as £6 and tops for £4.
    Primark has built a strong following with its remarkably low prices and ranges which draw heavily on current designer collections. The new store, covering 70,000 sq ft in Britain's most famous shopping street, previously housed Alders and C&A. It is opposite the Marks & Spencer Marble Arch store.
    Primark spokesman Geoff Lancaster described the scenes before the store opened as "frisky". "The security staff handled it very well, everyone was good-natured and none of the customers were hurt," he added.
    "The ironic thing is that the people at the back of the queue, who were facing a two-hour wait, could have got on a London bus, gone to our Hammersmith store and bought exactly the same stuff at the same price. There were no special offers." He said reports that the firm promised extra price cuts were "completely untrue".

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  5. This chaotic scene was sparked by rumours of clothing been sold for $2 (1 pound ) a piece
  6. yikes!!!!!! I hope no one got too severly hurt... proves yet again that women going after shopping bargains always will have that primative nature... :nuts:
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    One more pic
  8. God some people just have no self-control!
  9. That's crazy.
  10. Apparently some people had to go the hospital.
  11. Uhh that's nuts!
  12. oh gosh, i've been in some pretty bad shopping experiences especially during black friday and christmas shopping. but this one is something i have never seen. i remember primark in england ... theyre clothes were really cheap to begin with even before the discounts.
  13. this is why i do not shop in the holiday season or during sales. when the H&M opens here in south coast.. god i can't imagine what the chaos would sound like upstairs on the 3rd level.. they're giving away tshirts and gift cards from $10 to $200 for the first 200 people in both SCP locations..

    things like this are just so ugh to me. i don't see the appeal to be shopping in mass mayhem. i prefer my shopping calming and quiet.. and with barely anyone around to stare or ask, "are you going to buy that?".
  14. ^^ Then don't ever shop at Primark!! My local one is laid out like a jumble/garage sale and is constantly a battle to just get round the store - plus the queues are always horrendous at the checkouts.
  15. that's crazy! when there's crowds like that, it's not even worth it to me. forget the bargains, i'd rather pay more to not have to wait in long lines and deal with other shoppers.