Utlimate Soft~

  1. :confused1:Is Ulitmate soft still avaiable? I know its from couple season ago..I want a black ultimate soft~~Please anyone help me search one! And, For those who have utlimate soft can you please give me the style # so I can call and ask the bag~~THX EVERYONE~ how much is the bag price at? and what size do they have?
  2. Chanel at Wynn (in Las Vegas) has the large in the beige & black, and I saw a medium (the one with the stitching) in black, I also saw a smaller one (maybe the sombrero one??) in red. Their number is 702-765-5055. I can't really recommend a particular SA there though, IMO they are all kind of snobby.
  3. ummm...How about Canada?? Does Canada have utlimate soft?
  4. :yes::tup:
    I can't help you with the bag in Canada but I saw both sizes of the Ultimate Soft in Black in NM, Northbrook Court , a suburb just outside of Chicago.
    They were gorgeous!
  5. Anyone know how much is the bag in all different sizes??
    If I cant find it in Canada, I guess I would try US..
  6. I've seen the black ultimate soft at Chanel at Tyson's Corner in large. Indra, my SA, said they can get it in the smaller size. Don't hold my foot to the fire but I think the small one is $1595 and the large $1795. I also think Neiman's at Tysons had it in the small black. If I didn't have so many black bags, I'd have bought it. BTW, I tried the small one and it's very comfortable on the shoulder (but it was empty.)
  7. NM in Troy has it in medium & large size.