UTI/Bladder infection question

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  1. I think I've only maybe ever had a UTI once before so I'm not sure if what I have sounds like something I need to see the Dr for or not.

    Yesterday when I woke up it was obvious I had held my pee too long while I was sleeping bc it hurt when I went and then all day long I had to go every 30 minutes to an hour and I had slight lower abdominal pain, but no pain, burning or discomfort when I went to the bathroom. Now today I still have to go more frequently, but I don't have any pain or burning either. My lower stomach is still bothering me off and on but not bad.

    Does it sound like this could be an infection or probably just like I irritated my bladder by holding my pee for too long a few nights ago? I hate to go to the Dr for it if I don't have to.
  2. personally I would just go, I have constant UTIs and I constantly ignore them. doing so has landed me in the ER in a foreign country once, and given me a horrible kidney infection another time.

    you can take a drug store test first if that would help convince you, mine are usually pretty accurate.

    also for me the best thing to prevent UTIs, and help minor ones, is cystex. you could see if 24 hours or so of taking a large dose of it has any effect.
  3. I'm a urologist. Holding your urine while sleeping is your bladder's job and doesn't cause these symptoms. You're right it does sound like a UTI. See your doctor, and while you're waiting an over-the-counter preparation like that suggested will help ease the symptoms.
  4. Yeah, holding in your pee doesn't cause that kind of thing. Unless you held your pee for so long that an infection started, if that makes sense. You definitely should see a doctor.
  5. question time...

    also wouldn't your bladder not hold the pee to the point of causing a problem just because you're asleep? wouldn't your body wake you up if your bladder is really really full and strained?
  6. Ok thanks for the replies!! I'll grab some things at the drug store till I can get an appointment and hopefully that'll help. I appreciate the info and suggestions :smile:

    I didn't think holding your pee would cause this kind of thing since it was only while I was sleeping and not like it was on purpose for hours upon hours.
  7. buy uristat and plain cranberry juice. and see your doc for antibiotics. dont ignore it or else it might develop to a kidney infection.

    i used to get them whenever i changed partners (and yes i practice safe sex)
  8. it's a brand that makes products for UTI issues. the one I like is the cranberry liquid supplement:


    for me, when I take cranberry pills (like the Azo ones) I get constipated. with the liquid I don't. but note, if you already have an infection this isn't going to cure it, you need to see a doctor for antibiotics. it's for prevention. in my case, I pretty much like clockwork get a UTI if I have sex two days in a row or more. since I'm in a long distance relationship, if I remember to start taking the cystex liquid a day or so before I go see my man and frequently while I am there, I don't get a UTI. if I forget or am lazy about it, I do.

    any drugstore sells it, it's in the female care/family planning aisle next to the tampons and condoms and all the Azo products.
  9. Good tip, I'm gonna look for this. Thanks. I hate UTIs.
  10. Hope you went in and are feeling better. I had this same feeling a while back and thought it was just irritation or something, since UTIs when I last had them many years ago had more burning and had blood in the urine. Took the azo pills and it would help, so I ignored it for about a month, until I was also getting kidney pain,a nod it took two rounds of antibiotics. I've now bought some of the azo test strips to check for uti at home!
  11. I used to have them quite often. I read up that high dose vitamin C gets rid of them and since then I didn't have to take antibiotics ever again and waste my time at the Dr office. When I get a UTI I take 5000 to 6000 miligrams disolvable vitamin C for 4 to 6 days. I found that the pain would subside within 12 hours of taking it.

    If you can't get your hands on high dose vitamin C, drink warm lemon water. (squeeze half lemon into cup of warm water) Keeping up on having lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach not only detoxes the liver but has kept the UTI problem away. Hope that helps ANYONE!!! Wish I would have heard about it years ago.