Utah ??

  1. Why doesn't anyone have or talk about the Utah collection? Actually, I've never seen it in real life....

  2. i don't really like it. i think it's a bit boring. but i have no doubts that it's top notch if you want to go low-key.

  3. Utah is more for men and there aren't that many guys on here... so yeah... :s

    I love the way Taiga feels, but I just don't like the looks of any bags from this line.
  4. Hahaha. I'm a man damnit!

    John, I understand that. Seriously, It's never been a point of interest for me. I always pre-browse online so I know, ballpark, how much I'm going to spend; I never have looked at Utah.

    I think I'll have to feel it out..

    P.S. I like the Taiga Viktor.. I think that will be my first bag !! If I can stop buying all these little LV accessories..haha
  5. I think you probably will fall in love once you see it IRL. The feel is amazing... but the bags aren't my cup of tea. :s
  6. utah leather is THE MOST AWESOMEST leather EVER. omg it feels excellent. if they made a utah cles, that would probably be the only thing i can afford! hahahaha! but no really.. a utah card holder would probably be the first thing i buy in 2007.. and then probably a huron. It's definitely on one of my lists to get.. it's like suhali for men. haha.
  7. Utah is the most gorgeous leather ever. Unfortunately, like others have said, the design of the bags seems a bit lacking sometimes. I do love the messenger, but have no need for a bag of that shape right now.

    If they made a Utah bag in the shape of the Pochette Mehlville (that is, a basically flat, small messenger bag) I'd probably snap one up. The leather is TO DIE FOR. The new carryall (which I've yet to see in person) seems like it would be pretty fantastic, too, although with a damier keepall already, I don't know how much need I'd have for one. They serve almost the exact same purpose, and I can't even justify it by a different season / color basis. (Which is why I'll probably end up nabbing a Damier Azur keepall - one for spring / summer, and my classic Damier for fall / winter! )
  8. I have a Utah Wichita and it is AMAZING!
  9. utah collections are being designed differently that the others LV products.. unique, old/aged looking leather,... u shud see utah reporter in real life.. it was so amazing.. unfortunately it has been discontinued.. so PFers if anybody of u know anything besides contact LV boutique to get this bag (because i have tried befor with my SA).. please let me know.. Utah Reporter bag
  10. Utah leather is awesome indeed. but somehow the bag designs don't appeal to me as much. except for the Mohican tote. but i do have a Utah leather belt with the brass "Inventeur" buckle and its one of my faves :yes:
  11. I bought DH the Utah Sac Plat...the leather is awesome, both the colour and the texture and I love that the leather and hardware are so masculine, yet it has the thin leather strap which looks very refined. It's neat, light, understated, and not bulky.
    (I guess I should mention here that I borrow it sometimes...the leather matches my boots so I did have an alterior motive in buying it for him! ;))
  12. So between a Utah and a Nomade wallet...what would you choose?

    Thanks In Advance!
  13. Definitely Utah. I like the leather more and it's much more practical; Nomade scratches like nobody's business.

  14. The mohican tote is one of my favorite bags ever :nuts: I love it and the leather it is awsome the pitty is that mohican is kinda expensive 4 me :crybaby:
  15. Yup definitely Utah. Of course you know that Nomade scratches easily, so that's one of the main reasons why people don't get Nomade.