Utah Sac Plat

  1. Does anyone have this bag? I REALLY liked this bag when I tried it on last week. I adored how it was quite flat and have been thinking of getting this instead of the suhali lockit pm:shame:
  2. Hehe, I don't own a Sac Plat but you know my answer already- GET IT!:graucho: Since you really like it:yes: :heart:
  3. hehe ...I think it will be a good bag here for summer....which will arrive upon us VERY soon:crybaby: I HATE summer.
  4. *Shocked!!!*

    But if you prefer the Sac Plat...then you should get it..:smile:
  5. I know BUT I might change my mind once the suhali bag arrives ... It is just have a few hand-held bags but not many hands-free ones:yes:
  6. Mm.. I love utah, and it'd be lovely in black for a sac plat. It's definitely a bag that your coworkers will stare daggers at out of envy !!
  7. I love it, get it!
  8. I am going to look at it again next week esp. as the lockit bags will be in store then. Also my SA said the nomade keepall has arrived and it is STUNNING...I don't know if I could use a nomade lockit as I would worry too much when using it:crybaby:
  9. Whoa there, fellow Aussie...are the suhali lockits here in Oz yet? I saw a post in another thread saying you'd tried them on? I've been on the waitlist for one since 25th July...the mono lockits had just arrived that day and I'll be royally miffed if they've neglected to call me. :Push:
    The utah sac plat is a fabulous bag...my DH has one, and he loves it. (...and it goes very nicely with my brown boots ;))
  10. go get the Sac Plat! so i can borrow it too :wlae:
  11. The sac plat is beautiful, I love the shape and the Utah leather.

    I have a question for you deluxeduck, where did you get this wonderfull no longer made Damier macintosh Parka?
  12. from the Sydney LV boutique back in 2003 ;)
  13. The suhali Lockits have arrived in SOME stores but not others??? I am not sure why your SA hasn't called you?? I have seen all the colours & sizes ..not sure if I LOVE them????
  14. hmmm...that's odd. I have a sienne MM on the list in Collins Street (Melb). I'll call them tomorrow.
    Where did you try them on? (Heads will roll if it was Collins Street!:rant:)
  15. Love it too but fearful it has been replicated so much...