Utah carryall

  1. has anyone saw this...its amazing :nuts:
  2. yep, it's $2k?
  3. yeah I love it, The price is a bit high but it allways is for utah. ;)
  4. that pic is the tobago view the utah in luggage and under utah :smile:
  5. See the diff?
  6. you can thank me later

  7. lol thanks...that pic is my banner :smile:
  8. Yea, I'm waiting (and drooling over) for the wachita or w.e its called (I know Im bad, way 2 lazy 2 check 2 c if im right) I'm gonna pick one uo for myself soon I hope. Not to crazy about the utah carryall, I still want an ouvea carryall.
  9. its 1850... same as tobago.... i love the carryal=) i should get a utah one too!
  10. I think it's excellent as a more casual bag. I have a mono carryall myself and the shape of the bag is great. The Utah bags are a bit on the pricy side though I must say.
  11. what a revival!
  12. after seeing this bag, i now want it!