ut oh...

  1. i just realized i MUST HAVE a pomme flat pouch. i've been looking at it for weeks but something just hit me and i must have it. is it absolutely impossible now to get? i'm willing to call every store in the united states to find it! what was the actual retail on it?
  2. I think it's $390, and if you call the 866 number I think they can do a search through all the stores... save ya some time dialing LOL
  3. I'm sure it's around. I thought I remembered seeing one at my store the other day but I'm not certain. But yes, the retail is $390.
  4. there is one on eBay for a starting bid of $389...of course there's 6 days left and the buy it now is $425 + $19.00 shipping. what to do, what to do...since i still want a perle ludlow and a damier mini pochette...oh jeeze i'm having major dilemmas lately...
  5. I'd call around to the stores first before making a spur of the moment eBay purchase ;)
    I know the flat pouch isn't as desirable as the Coeurs so I'm sure a store will have one for you.
  6. that's what i kinda thought :biggrin:
  7. i think you can find one....call around.:yes:
    good luck!
  8. One pfer mention there were flat pouches in Boston. You may want to call them.
  9. ITA, you might get lucky!
  10. Good luck! Post pics when you get one.
  11. you can do it! go go vuittonamour!
  12. lol you crack me up :smile: think i'll be calling around tomorrow... maybe tonight...ahhh...kinda wanna wait till my ebay auctions are over so i can use that cash. lol.
  13. I returned mine to the Rodeo Drive store. They close at 6pm pacific time which is in 35 mins. 310-859-0457
  14. $390. Boca raton Florida's Saks 5th has all the pieces from the line. they closed at 9 though. here is the number:
    561 620 1350

    denise is the best sa ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Good luck!