Ut oh... what should I do???


Should I express my concern of authenticity to a PFer who has no idea?

  1. Yes, tell her, she is entitled to know!

  2. NO, don't tell her, she's enjoying her purse and loves it soo much!

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  1. Today, i was casually talking w/ a gal pal of mine about one of my dream bags... and i started going through the reference thread to see others like it... and i seen one that is questionable on authenticity.

    I had my gal pal look at it too, as she is a fellow chloe collector.. and she concurred w/ me that it looked questionable as well.

    Do you think I should express my concern to this PFer?? Or just let it be?
  2. Definitely tell her!! I, for one, would appreciate knowing the truth. I'd feel awful, of course, and pretty foolish for carrying a fake bag this entire time but I'd be forever grateful to you for notifying me!!!

    PS - feel free to send me a PM if it's me YIKES! :shame:
  3. NO, it's not you butterflie :heart:

    I'm not 100% sure, but i am just concerned.... it could hopefully just be the photography... but if my gal pal concurs (and we usually have different opinions on authenticity :p), it made me want to tell this person.. but I don't want to offend her or make her feel sad. I know we all get excited when we buy chloe... and it's just a concern
  4. I don't think she'd be offended, especially from YOU!! :yes: It is so sweet of you to be worried about her bag. I think definitely tell her because it's always better to know IMHO.
  5. :yes:
    ITA!!!! I would definetly want to know. Plus it could have been an eBay purchase and she could be out $$$ for a fake. Maybe this way she could have the other girls take and look at it and see what they think and she could contact whoever sold it to her if it is a fake if its within the return period.
  6. D&G tell her. If it was you in that position would you want someone to tell you?

    I always think that however hard it might be to hear bad news like that I would rather know and hopefully she will see it as you being your usual lovely helpful self and trying to look out for everyone.

    Like someone else said - if its me just let me know as I would want to. Don't think any of my bags are your dream bag anyway!!

    Good luck
  7. LOL i love your wisteria Secret :love: LOLOL
  8. BTW, i think i have a lot of "dream" bags... :roflmfao:
  9. Don't we all? :nuts:

    But I would definately want to know too.
  10. It's a tough call ... I personally, would rather have someone tell me their concerns re authenticity.

    Go for it .. hopefully if she hasn't had it long she can try to return it.
  11. Sticky!!

    It is a shame that the bag wasn't pre-authenticed by a few folks.

    They can be so hard to be sure of via pics.

  12. I think you should send her a friendly PM and tell her something looks off to you, but you're no expert. Let her know you're just trying to look out for her.
  13. What's even more sad is that it was :wtf:

    Actually, no one definitely confirmed either way.. everyone who commented was on the fence about it.

  14. yes and I want your wisteria!!! give her to me - you know you want to!
  15. well my first thought was

    a. if it's me please tell me!

    and then i thought if its not then

    b. maybe she'll also read this thread and if she has a similar response you'll have her permission to let her know which would make it so much easier for you

    but if it's

    c. neither of the above, although i realize this will be difficult for both of you i think you should send a pm (which knowing you even a little i'm sure will be very sweet and tactful) because at least then she can try to deal with it and find out for sure...
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