USWeekly-Hollywood's White-Hot bags

  1. In the April 24 issue, on page 44, they have this spring's Hollywood's white-hot bags.

    Carmen Electra - Coach's Hamptons Carryall $598
    Sienna Miller - YSL Muse bag $1,290
    Nicole Richie - Chloe's Supersize Silverado $1,600
    Lindsay Lohan - Balenciaga Motorcycle bag $1,275
    Liv Tyler - Marc Jacobs satchel $1,150

    And on page 82, the have the Celebs' Hot Chanel bag - "updating its iconic look with an ultra-hip line of Luxury bags ($1,795 to $2,545) in three different shapes. Fans of the top-stitched double C and interwoven leather-and-gold links include: Mischa Barton, Avril Lavigne and Rachel Bilson."

    If I had my scanner hooked up....may try in a little while.
  2. OK, hope I did this right. It only took me an hour. LOL.
  3. too small...let me make it larger.
  4. I can't do it. Sorry.
  5. Thank you for trying and for sharing....

    I love it! I do wish it was bigger but I love seeing all the bags!

    Thanks again!!
  6. thanks...I do lots of publications, but for some reason, scanners and me don't mix. I may try again.
  7. I am very persistent and I used a different editing program. I hope this is better.
  8. now it's all grainy...I give up.
  9. Oooo--could you post pg. 82 too! The one with the bowler? Thanks!
  10. You really want me to try after my terrible effort??? hee hee. I will do it now.
  11. I have always been worried about carrying white bags...that must be my hang up. Would love to see the pics if anyone else has them
  12. I am going to work on this to use for the future.
  13. OK, let's see now. This one works!!!!!
  14. coachwife you are awesome! The second one with the bowler came out amazing!!!
  15. OK. I think I finally learned how to do this. Enjoy.