1. there are not many people who recognize my bags. But one of my collegues just came over to me, to take a look at my Paddi and said "Wow, nice bag"...looked at the label and said "Chloé? Never heard of it...but nice bag." :smile:

    :yahoo: I like people who like my bags :yes: Of course people don't have to recognize my bags for I buy them for myself to be happy with...but it also makes me happy, when others come up to me...

    What about you, girls? Are your bags also been recognized sometimes, that you can be really proud of owning such a special beauty? Tell about it....when, where...I'm curious ;)
  2. Yep, I was carrying a Fendi Spy recently and somebody said the same thing, it was an older lady and she definitately did not know it was a designer bag, but she still appreciated the leather.

    and hey, fancy never having heard of Chloe ;) where were you visiting, Mars ;) :biggrin:
  3. It happened only one time. I was at a park with my family; Forest Park to be exact in St. Louis, very big. We were leaving a restaurant and I saw this cute gal walking a tiny dog. We'll I had to say something to her since we have a tiny dogs too. As I was bending over petting her pooch she said Chloe right? Yea (sputter cough) right!! (wow I'm thinking, somebody actually knows). Yes, she said I recognise it. See, I'm carrying a Jimmy Choo.

    Here's where I'm ashamed, even though I could have guessed a Choo I did not know for sure.:shrugs:

    So I was impressed that she was on top of my bag.
  4. One time I was in Dunkin' Donuts getting coffee, and I was carrying one of my paddies. The cashier said really loudly "That's one of those padlock bags! Someone told me they cost over a thousand dollars! That's just crazy!"

    I was totally embarassed and muttered that I had gotten it on sale.

    I feel guilty about spending so much on bags sometimes. I prefer if they are not recognized as "costly" but getting compliments on how pretty they are is always nice.:heart:
  5. It happened twice. One time I was waiting on the subway platform and someone touched my paddy. The other time I was at a gathering and someone across the way recognized my wisteria spy and kept ooohing and aaaaahing to my brother (like he cares about those things)
  6. Yeah, it happened twice to me. Once by my vet, but I don't think she really knew what kind of bag it was, just complimented that she liked it.

    And then another time when I was at the hair salon paying for my haircut. One of the gals behind the counter HAD to pull her Chloe Paddy out to show me that she had one to. All the while complaining how heavy the bag was :p .
  7. My bags have had a few compliments - usually from staff when I am shopping or when I am at the till paying for something then they will say something like "Love your bag - may I ask where you got it?" I usually just say London to keep it simple :yes:

    It is very rare indeed for someone to recognise the brand though..........that has only happened twice that I recall. The first time in Waitrose and the young girl on the checkout said she had seen my bag being carried by Victoria Beckam in Grazia Magazine (it was my paddington) and then another time a girl that was running a training course I was on noticed my Balenciaga and said "Is that a Baleniciaga - oh my, I''ve never seen one IRL".

    I like my bags to be noticed because of the quaility and how nice they look but I actually get a little embarrassed if I'm asked what brand, where from or even worse - how much did it cost??!!! :push: :sweatdrop:
  8. "That's one of those padlock bags! Someone told me they cost over a thousand dollars! That's just crazy!"

    :boxing: :censor:
  9. I don't think anyone has ever commented on my bags.

    Although I comment on other people's all the time.

    What I do get a ton of compliments on are my Mulberry continental wallet that DH choose and bought all on his own and a Mozart Montblanc pen that fits inside it.
  10. I noticed a baby paddy today. :yes:
    ...and two Fendi Spy bags... which nearly made me trip over. The women carrying them looked really stylish. I've never gone up to anyone and complemented them on their bag though.
  11. I know how you feel! I care little about the so-called 'it factor' of a bag, but it just so happens the coolest ones cost a lot!
    I avoid divulging the cost of a bag like the plague. I'm not wealthy and I do try to find the best bags I can either on sale or pre-owned, but I have also bought a few at full price, and it is a big deal for me to spend that kind of money. Still, some people couldn't even THINK of spending $200 on a bag, much less 1K or more, so it's uncomfortable when a person makes a comment solely about the price, and fails to notice how lovely the bag is.
  12. Not usually, but I do get a lot of compliments on my guccissima silver/shinny wallet. I guess is not easy to miss it, is shiny!!
  13. There are so many fun instances of recognition but my favorite is what happens during my Taiwan trips. The woman that heads up the Taiwan office is extremely rich and always notices that I carry cool bags. She couldn't wait to show me HER newest one this last trip and I was happy to be able to say, "Bottega Veneta - right?" It was a very lovely, classy bag. But the Chinese men in the office were laughing their heads off about the huge padlock on my Paddy! They were stunned to see that it actually came with a key that worked and they all had to try it. Lots of giggles over the weight too.

    There was another time locally where my daughter was borrowing this same Paddy and was shopping at a boutique that featured off beat purses in a 'bohemian' part of town. She remarked on the 'coolness' of their merchandise and the stylish male clerk replied, "Not as cool as the Paddington YOU are carrying!" She had to protest that it was not actually hers and that it belonged to her mother. Reflected guilt.

    To stem those guilt pangs that arise over extravagant spending I just remember back to the time when I, too, broke out in a sweat over the prices of the purses I loved. Eventually I got over it. But I think I will feel even better when they are all paid off. Plus then I can buy some more!!!
  14. Happened just last Friday, I was in line to get my iced mocha at Starbucks and I had with me my large Whiskey Tracy. A lady in scrubs behind me just started caressing my bag and said "Wow, I love your baaag! It's huge! I can fit my life in there! What is it?" I say: "It's a Chloé." She asks: "A what?" Me: "A Chloé." She says: "Oh. Where did you buy it?"

    And this is where I chicken out and I say, "TJ Maxx." Hahahah! I always feel embarrassed about having to admit where I bought and how much I paid for my bags that I fib sometimes about them.
  15. Yeah, that's exactly the same with me. I was very glad, that my collegue didn't ask for the price and where I got it from.

    It's always the same. You are supposed to be very wealthy by admitting the prices, altough they don't know you as well...:shrugs:

    Very nice stories, ladies...:yahoo: