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  1. Ok so I sold a wallet on 7/10 and shipped the same day. It was shipped internationally to the UK. I paid for the shipping via usps online and dropped the package off at my local Post office. the problem is when I track the package it still says that it has been notified by the hsipper to expect a package (as if it has never been scanned)? Should I be worried. i dropped it off a week ago today?
  2. When you print postage online and drop off at the PO w/out a scan sheet, the package does not get scanned, tracking does not update. May update once it hits the UK, or it may not update until delivered. I always stand in line and make sure my pkgs get scanned.
  3. Thanks Ellie Mae! Should I be worried?
  4. Unfortunaltely, this happens often. ALWAYS use a scan sheet and get your parcels scanned.
    I would not worry yet, if the buyer inquires, tell her USPS SUCKS, and obviously they did not scan your package. If she were to file an INR, you could have issues..... hopefully she will ba patient.
    I always use USPS EXPRESS for INTL shipments. Far more trustworthy and efficient.

    Do also check tracking # at and see if it shows up once it hits the UK.
  5. it's only been a week so i wouldn't fret yet, i've had stuff take 10 days or so, i've also had stuff turn up in 3 days, it varies so much !
    i also believe we've had some striking over here this week , which will delay the parcel too .
  6. Did you drop it in the big package mail box at the post office or did you take it to the counter and have the custom's forms stamped?
  7. I've had this problem too. My P/O takes all the packages and sets them aside/puts them in a bin and scans them later... I sold 2 things on Authentic Forum and 2 people contacted me asking where their stuff was!!!! I shipped priority to Canada and it took almost 2 weeks to get there!
  8. Yeah, USPS is the worst for accurate and up to date tracking. I have seen packages never get scanned until they hit your doorstep...Be patient..
  9. The PO I use has stated up front that they will not scan at the PO - that there is no tracking for priority mail and the oly scan takes place at delivery for the confirmation.
  10. How did you send this package? Our post office doesn't offer Delivery Confirmation to the UK. Only Express Mail is trackable, the customs form will be scanned but that's internal.

  11. i sent it priority mail. By the way I sent 2 packages out that day one to canada and one to the uk. The CA package was delivered yesterday. The tracking system @ usps still has not updated anything. it still says infohas been received from the seller. I am hoping and crossing my fingers that it arrives in the uk
  12. What type of tracking are you using?

  13. Linda,
    i am using Is there something better?
  14. No, I mean how exactly are you tracking your package. Since delivery confirmation isn't available to Canada or to the UK I'm unclear on what type of number you are using to track your package? You mentioned printing your postage out online, I'm curious as to what kind of tracking it allowed you to purchase with priority mail? Or are you going on a customs form number?

  15. i never used the scan form, and i had been told USPS had changes their online tracking system which only EXPRESS mail will be trackable, all others will not be showing while in transit, was it just my local postal office or this happen to all US postal offices?

    i shipped an item to UK last week, and it didn't show up in tracking until two days ago where by it cleared the GREAT BRITAIN custom, and when i checked again this morning, it was delivered, it was priority mail.
    and recently i did ship another item to singapore and it was via USPS express mail, tracking show all the way from the time i dropped it off to safely delivered on buyer hands.