1. I'm debating on switching to UPS for my pricier eBay sales, and was wondering if anyone's had much luck with them? I noticed through paypal I can ship UPS ground for about the same price as USPS priority with insurance + sig conf. It's just a little bit more of a hassle (finding a drop off point, takes a bit longer etc..)

    my biggest concern is packages geting lost. so my question is, has anyone ever had to file an insurance claim through USPS? how long did it take to get your money back? did you actually get back the actual insured amount?

    Same questions as above for UPS?
  2. I'm so glad you asked this. I was wondering the same thing. Is one better than the other? What does everyone prefer to use and why?
  3. I wonder the same thing... I hope someone can answer.
  4. I haven't had any problems with UPS. I think they do a pretty good job overall. I haven't been using USPS that much lately because of increased prices. Fedex on the otherhand, I've had lots of problems with including lost packages and lost claims.
  5. I was using UPS for pricier eBay sales and some larger items I was shipping. I am actually using Fed Ex now. They are way cheaper than UPS, even when you insure your items. So far I have had really good luck with them, and they even deliver on Saturdays with their home(ground) service. I'm not sure if that's everywhere, but they deliver here on Saturdays all the time for no extra charge.

    I'm kind of bummed that I didn't start using them sooner, but I had it in my head that they were more expensive than UPS. You should check them out. It's real easy to set up an account online with them. Hope this helps!

    Vicki :yes:
  6. I was wondering the same thing so hopefully more people will help answer this question.
  7. I use usps for all my items, cheap or pricey! They are great! My items are received within 2 to 3 days using priority! Its much cheaper and convienant to do it with paypal than at the post office! If you dont have time, you can have usps pick up ur items, but I myself drop it off at the post office because I jsut want to be safe
  8. I use Fedex like skigirl73. Their rates are very good esp. for people who live in rural areas. With UPS you have to pay a surcharge fee (for ground) if the person lives in a rural area and with gas prices affecting that fee it can be very expensive. I have an online sign in account with fedex and I think it is easy to use, easy to track and their rates are much cheaper than ups. As far as USPS goes, if you have to send a large package, the price can be crazy. For example, I had a medium sized box that weighed maybe 2lbs. USPS was going to charge me 16.50 and Fedex charged me 11.08. Also fedex service includes del. confirmation and insurance included in the price where as USPS did not. So... long story short... I use fedex over ups now for sometime and I have not had any problems with lost packages or anything like that.
  9. If I ever sell anything over $100 I use UPS or Fedex Ground because they can track a package USPS cant. They only tell you when its delivered. I use a shipping store and its great. I actually thingk UPS is cheaper than the post office esp with insurance.
  10. I always use UPS. We have an a/c at work, that we can use for personal shipments, which helps (as far as the cost). But overall, I think they are much more reliable than USPS. Priority Mail isn't a guaranteed service, and I've had things sent to me that took a week to ten days to get here. With UPS you can also track your shipments, so you know exactly where they're at, at most times. USPS only offers a signature upon arrival, and even then the "tracking" info isn't always accurate. When I send things out, I always use UPS, and a lot of the time when I buy something, I ask if I can send a prepaid airbill (from UPS) to ship the item back to me. Most sellers are agreeable to this (then they don't have to pay any shipping charges), so I can get my item much faster for around the same price. Given a choice, I'd say definitely UPS.
  11. OK, on the ebay listing, can you add a fed ex caclulator or how do you figure out your postage? Too lazy to look it up right now!
  12. I've stuck with USPS priority mail. I can get a delivery confirmation for free if I print postage from my computer, and if the box is small enough, I can drop it in any mailbox or take it to my local post office and drop it in their drop box without standing in line.

    If an item is pricey, I just use signature confirmation instead of delivery confirmation. Thankfully, I haven't had any problems.
  13. I have started requiring insurance. I add the Sig Conf on anything over $250...

    It is just so expensive to ship anymore. And forget Canada...
  14. I use USPS priority with sig confirm and insurance. I also get free boxes in many diff sizes from USPS online store delivered to my doorstep. I have a scale so I can use the shipping calculator in my listings and ship out the same day I receive payment, or just leave the box in my mailbox and the postal guy (his name is Steve) picks it up! It is easy!
    Good luck
  15. i have bought a lot of items on american ebay and . and since now all of them have arrived safe in austria. so its quite rare that parcels got lost. i used to worry about shipments getting lost and have them insured. really stupid of me. it only costs more money and i had to pay customs because the value is visible on the package.