USPS vs. Canada Post

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  1. I just thought this was funny in a sad sort of way.

    I live in Ontario, and I had two items shipped to me the same day (last Monday). One was from California, and the other from Vancouver. Both were just basic shipping - just by ground or whatever.

    I got the California shipment today. Bear in mind this had to clear customs and the like. The one from Vancouver says it will be here by Friday (and I'm sure that is optimistic).

    So, 1 week from California, 2 weeks within Canada.

    Canada Post had to have taken over the California shipment at some point, but it just boggles the mind how a shipment within my own country can take a week longer??

    And even more sad is that the Vancouver package is now in Montreal - which is 2 hours east of here so that adds 4 hours to the delivery time. They drove the shipment 2 hours past the city I live in - which just happens to be the nation's capital - and the head office for Canada Post which I'm asssuming has one of the largest distribution centres in the country. Why would they do that??

    I'm sure this must make sense to someone, somewhere.
  2. Canada Post is stupid. So overpriced and so incompetent, in my opinion.

    Once in a while, I'll get shipments as fast as next day (even if it's just regular mail), and sometimes, it takes nearly a month to get across 2 provinces. Seriously?!?! AND they keep hiking up postage costs. Their shipping is so expensive that sometimes it costs almost as much as what I'm getting shipped!!!

    With that said, I never really had a good experience with USPS either. They've lost some of my items, and are pretty slow with trackable packages.

    They both suck, in my opinion...
  3. I must be in the minority but I have no complaints with Canada Post. I have a great postman who is almost like a buddy now with all the online shopping I do. :P. I also have no complaints with USPS.

    On ebay alone I have over two hundred transactions, the majority of which are USPS to Canada Post. Some are the other way. A few are domestic and a couple are overseas. Maybe a couple have taken longer than expected. More have taken less time than expected. Its all been good (so far).
  4. Canada Post is absolutely moronic, I worked at a post office in High School. I don't even want to say how many packages I know of that misdirected, or something during transit. I had one package say that it will be at one post office, and it was actually at a completely different post office.
  5. OK, I spoke too soon - the package just arrived. But on their website it said scheduled for delivery on the 12th, so it came 4 days early, so I guess I have to take back everything I just said. :shame: But I was just going by what their website said - Friday delivery!!
  6. So glad you got it!

    I frequently ship to a friend in Canada, in fact I've probably sent 20 packages in the past year from the US to Canada via USPS and not one has gotten lost. Most take a week, the longest one has taken is 2 weeks.

  7. Canada Post has never lost any of my items but they can be sloooow as molasses. It took 3 weeks once for a small package to arrive from my parents (in Vancouver) to me (in Montreal). 3 weeks!!! I think they still use dogsled teams?

    That said, the people at the actual post office are always super helpful and friendly - I would consider my local post office employees to be friends, almost.

  8. I ship only with Canada Post and I love them! My items always get there fast and I have never had an issue (I always ship expedited). I have major issues with USPS, they have lost 2 packages of mine!
  9. I had a bad experience with Canada Post. They lost my OSAP application a few years ago and the procedure means that applicants MUST submit the form right at post office. It never went out and I didn't get any money for months lol.

    I like the Shipping from the UK, seems like the packages arrive so quickly from there and there are no duty fees.

    USPS, I like so far and I wish that more online sites would use it. Some places only offer Express flat rate and it's $50 no matter how much you spend (unless it's free).
  10. I think in this case it was the shipper who was at fault with giving you a misleading ETA. I've never had problems with Canada Post. And usually packages coming from the US take a lot longer than ones within Canada.