USPS tracking system

  1. I recently sent a package with tracking confirmation. Usually, I can check it a day after they accepted it. It has been two days alreay and it's not on their system yet.

    Should I be worried? Maybe the post office clerk didn't scan it? Maybe the post office clerk kept it?

  2. Did you use delivery confirmation (green slip) or signature confirmation (pink slip)? If you used DC, often it won't show up on their system until the item is delivered.
  3. I notice that signature confirmation and even express mail has been slow to update recently.
  4. Did you use paypal to purchase shipping? I noticed that when I do that sometimes the item number never shows until it has been delivered. It always just shows that the information was transmitted to the post office.
  5. I noticed the same thing as a buyer and seller- it's hit or miss- sometimes it shows up the day after I've delivered it to the PO that they have it, other times it the message stays that I've printed the label and the PO is waiting for it- then it will change to show the item was delivered- Well no kidding by then the buyer knows they have it. It's frustrating since I usually ship the next day and sometimes even the same day as receiving payment-and if a buyer is checking the status they can't tell it's been shipped. :cursing: