USPS tracking says item was delivered, but it wasn'!

  1. Sigh. To make a loooong story short, I bid on and happily won a small item that I have been searching for for months on *bay from a lovely seller in Alabama. I paid immediately via PP, and the seller shipped the item shipped quickly to me via US Priority Mail with tracking.

    After three days or so, I happened to check the tracking number and it said that the item had been delivered the day before (late last Friday afternoon, to be precise).

    However, I never received it.

    It was a small padded envelope with my correct address on it (I verified this with the seller), and since then I have looked for it every day with no luck - we live in a row house that's connected to three other residences, and none of those received the package by mistake, either. Since the envelope easily would fit in our mailbox, I doubt that someone in the neighborhood stole it.

    Yesterday I went to the local PO and consulted the manager and he took down the tracking information and told me that he would talk to the carriers on that route and call me if he heard anything. He also asked if the package was insured (it wasn't).

    I am concerned, however, that since according to the USPS system the package was supposedly "delivered," I have no recourse - it's literally my word against that of the USPS/my carrier/whoever made the mistake here. So I will be out $75 and an item that I have been looking for for a good while...

    Any suggestions? Am I just out of luck on this one?

    TIA!!! :flowers:
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  3. that's a toughie I would contact eBay and tell them what happened as a buyer you have more clout/weight over the seller so just see if they can refund u.
  4. Aww bummer. I would call the carrier again and see if they have any updates. Call them every day if you have to. Are you sure your neighbors are telling the truth? This is just so weird. Did they seller print a shipping label, like through PP or anything, where she may have a copy of it or something??
  5. I'm sorry but if the tracking shows delivered and the item is under $250 (no signature), there's nothing you can do. I would continue to talk to USPS though, it is possible they delievered it to wrong address- it happened to me once and they re-delieverd it a few days .ater.
  6. I take it there was no signature on the confirmation? I think you'll just be stuck to be honest.

    But totally make a fuss at your post office. It's probably just a scanning error, you might need to encourage them to cross check with all other delivery packages received into the post office the same day as yours.

    Good luck!
  7. This happened to me with Fed Ex. My package was left at the wrong house, (2 streets over) but luckily the lady was honest and brought it to me. ( I was in the process of filing a claim with Fed Ex when she rang my doorbell at 9:00 at night)

    I wouldn't think you'd be the one with the problem though. Isn't it up to the seller to make sure there's a signature confirmation included?
    Don't give up!
  8. This happened to me about a month ago...the mailman scanned it delivered & there was no way it could have been because it was too big for the mailbox & no one here at the office received it.

    I called the P.O. every day for 3 days, a.m. & p.m., & it finally was delivered. We have really grouchy mailmen/women who complain when they have to walk 20 ft to ring the doorbell - I think he was just being mean because when he finally delivered my box his excuse was that he didn't know our address was for "the whole building". WTH kind of excuse is that -- especially when our building has the same name on the front, back & down the sides in several places???

    (I was mortified at the thought the seller would think I was a scammer.)

    GL to you, OP -- I hope the P.O. finds your bag!!

    And if that doesn't work out, ITA that calling eBay & explaining what happened may get your $$ refunded.
  9. Thanks so much for the suggestions, everyone! :tup: I will continue to call the PO for a couple more days, and if it isn't here by the end of the week I will contact ick-bay.

    The seller has been incredible nice, and has said that she will work something out with me if the package doesn't show up. At least I have had no grief on that front!

    I'll keep you all posted (no pun intended, lol) :smile:
  10. Update: I talked to the local PO manager again today (the highest ranking person at my branch) - and he told me that it was unlikely that my lost item would appear at this point, and that I was out of luck. I asked him several times if I had any recourse, and he said no - that is the item was scanned as having been delivered, it was delivered...and if it was in fact delivered to the wrong home, then maybe I would get lucky and someone would return it to me (!!!!!)

    Now I am very familiar with my local PO and this guy has always struck me as a grumpy sort, so I am not inclined to believe him.

    Where do I go from here, though?

    (I already wrote an email to my neighbors in the other rowhouses asking if anyone has received the package by mistake, btw).

    I am beyond frustrated - I can open up an *bay case the day after tomorrow, but since the tracking says it was delivered, I am afraid that I will get nowhere with them, either.

  11. Basically there is nothing you can do. Just hope the person who got it by mistake gives it back to the PO. You will not win a case with Paypal because it shows delivered.
  12. The PO manager should investigate this missing package which one of his carriers could have lost, ruined, dropped off on the wrong porch, stolen... You can also request to speak directly with the carrier. I would call USPS mail customer service to see if you can file a report/complaint about the incident.


    If you have a tracking number - Contact Track and Confirm customer service at:
    If an item is lost - Contact the mailer and ask them to track the item or file a claim.
    If you aren't receiving mail - If you haven't received mail in a 2-day period or if you're not receiving mail regularly on a specific day of the week contact general customer service
  13. It happened to me tracking said it's delivered but I didn't get it. But I got the package the next day. I assumed the postman was too smart ass to hit delivered button.
    But for your case....could it be the package delivered to another address or someone just took it.....regardless sounds it's PO fault. Sorry
  14. I'd call Paypal anyway - since the seller didn't purchase insurance, you *might* just win. I had the Chanel scammer do that to me, and she won, even though the tracking showed that it was delivered to her. Since I had purchased insurance, I just filed a claim. But the seller is responsible for making sure it gets to you.
  15. I think the seller needs to contact the PO. If the item was never delivered then they need to do something about that. Otherwise, any post office mail man could scan any a package as delivered and keep it. Ridiculous to me.