USPS tracking problem - I am waiting for my STAM!


Feb 4, 2006
My friend shipped me a STam last wednesday by USPS Global Priority Mail! and I've been tracking since last wednesday.. sadly USPS only updated the status once.. from Picked up to enroute.

nothing really happening since last friday. I am so worry!! does USPS usually update the site reguarlly or always delay?

It mentioned on their website that it takes 4-6 working days but it's been like 5 days already!! I am so so so worry I cant sleep!!

any girl with similar experience?
Does global priority have real time tracking or just delivery confirmation? USPS sometimes doesn't scan the package at every location it gets to. I wouldnt worry too much about it until its been 8-9 days. I've had priority take up to a week plus due to delays.
I go through that all the time, usps doesn't scan like ups or fed ex at each location it lands. Don't worry you will get it soon enough. Everytime I'm waiting for something it never gets here, when I give up that is when it comes.

cos for the tracking system in my country it updates nearly everyday since.. item picked up, delivery to port, transit to destination, custom, delivered.

I used to be quite satisfy about the usps system a few years ago. but this time sucks!!! no update since last week and I am expecting my parcel everyday after work. When I open my door, I hope.. i will see it sitting in the living room.. and everyday that's nothing there!! i get really upset!
ChloeSS, don't worry:smile: USPS Global Priority is like that. They usually only tend to scan once or twice. They are pretty poor too at updating - sometimes after you get your stuff the website isn't even updated (still shows "enroute). I know they say 4-6 days but it's more like 7-10 days sometimes. In early Dec (just before the real Christmas rush), I got something in 14 working days! Yeah I panicked too, lol!

If you wanted more piece of mind for next time and don't want to use a courier like Fedex, then choose to go EMS. It has much better, reliable tracking.

But again, don't worry. I bet it comes like tomorrow! Hey what colour did u end up getting?
thanks serenitysue, i feel much better now..

I am getting a black stam! and I cant wait!!! I've been expecting this parcel since this monday.. and i get upset everyday!

Next time I surely go express or even fedex.. I cant stand their poor tracking system! i want to know " WHERE IS MY BAG!!"

may I know where do u live? are u at US or outside US?
Congrats on the black stam!! Post pics when she arrives, and it will be soon:smile:)

I'm in Australia. So, the US is half way around the world, lol! What about you? I think I read somewhere you're in NZ?
YES!! I am in NZ.. so u understand my pain!! it takes extremely long to ship from/to US. I used to live in HK, and the post service is so reliable / cheap/ fast at HK! I can ship international Express from HK for only 30USD.. and it arrived within 3 days!

but now.. it cost me like $50US to ship Airmail to US ( takes nearly 1-2 weeks) or.. Express $90USD ( takes at least 5 days) isnt that hopeless? and we only able to buy insurance / tracking for parcel over 2KG!! so I have to pay at least 2 KG for tracking item ( even they weight 500g only)

I hope the stam will arrive soon.. I cant wait any longer!! You are lucky to live at Australia, I believe there has some local retailer which carry Chloe /Balenciaga/ MJ? we dont have a single shop here carry those brand at all!
Yes, USPS is annoying as their system updates are quite slow. It states on the site: when tracking a code, to check back later as it is updated nightly or something, but that is not so. Here is my most recent USPS situation: I was tracking an express package that was supposed to arrive this Monday, and in trying to cover the bases, I told the mailman sometime last week that I was anticipating a package, and that when he delivers it, I will be waiting at home and to give a good knock. And so on Monday, I scheduled my whole day around that package, and when I finally couldn't wait any longer, I head out the door, and realize that he had quietly slipped an attempt of delivery in the morning - frazzled and disappointed that my whole day had gone to waste, I called my local post office and asked them to hold the package instead. Then they give me another number to call as apparently it goes not go to the nearest post office and that all packages are held at some other location, and that I must personally call to indicate this request. I followed all directions accordingly, but somehow (woman's instinct, I just wasn't satisfied with the clerk's response and assurance. So, heading out to catch up on the remaining hours of the day, down the street about a block down, I see a mail truck, and I wait for the mailman to emerge from whichever house he was coming from. I tell him my concern, and just brushes me away and tells me that my street was not a part of his route. So, fine. About two blocks down, I spot another mailman, and again, I stop him and tell him my situation...luckily he was nice enough and takes down my information and assures me that he will relay my request to my mailman and the main station (where packages are held until the final re-delivery attempt). Somehow, being the overly persistent person that I am, I go online, and do the whole redelivery request/edit --- and guess what came up: "ERROR. Cannot complete request as the package has been resent to the sender." So, pissed off, I set my alarm clock for 7am and contacted the Main Post Office demanding an explanation. The same clerk I spoke with from the day before tell me, "oh that package is on it's way to your local post them at 10 or 11am." Okay, so that's another rescheduling of stuff - mind you I paid a hefty price for this package to be delivered as express - and so I call my local nearest post office and the guy says, it's not here. Anyway, to make this long story short - I kept getting the run around - and finally, I just went straight to the post office and asked for my package late in the afternoon....I hand him my slip, and disappears for some time and as he hands me my package, he states: "oh, this arrived right after you called this morning." I left him my number like five times and kept re-iterating that as soon as he gets the pack or hear word of it - to call me . . . so in the end ... you have to be persistent and track that package down. Don't just rely on the tracking page and whatever mail clerk tells you alone, and go get your package! sorry, to unload all of that...but if one pays for an express service (and it's not cheap as money is money), then one expects to get that service.
Wooo..... it is good that you finally received your parcel! I know it is a painful process!!

I had similar experience too with NZ post.. let me share!! I was expecting an parcel from US to NZ by express.. and somehow I missed the first delivery.. then I rang up the Post service hotline.. they told me nothing they can do.

I even requested to go to the warehouse to pick it up today.. but they said I cant.. somehow. they gave me another local tracking no and ask me to contact courier services instead... then.. I rang courier service waited nearly 15 minutes.. and they told me nothing to do with them and they referred me back to normal post office customer service.

I was like a ball that kicking between courier and nzpost.. so confusing.. and finally they told me it was too late to pick up at the warehouse which I have to waited till tomorrow's delivery. and finally tomorrow.. afternoon I got it!!!

the only good thing about NZ post is... auckland is a small city so.. usually it won't take too long once the item arrived in NZ.

I hope , I HOPE tomorrow I will see my Stam but who knows??
ChloeSS said:
You are lucky to live at Australia, I believe there has some local retailer which carry Chloe /Balenciaga/ MJ? we dont have a single shop here carry those brand at all!

Yeah we have boutiques that carry these brands but they sell out really fast. Actually, MJ bags are quite hard to find here. I know one place in Melbourne which carry them and their stock is very limited. Also, usually all these designer goods are more expensive to buy here than if we bought from overseas, and that's after you include the shipping and customs duties! Aus is the land of the high taxes, particularly on luxury items.