USPS tracking not updating and INR So far


Dec 30, 2007
I bought an inexpensive $50 item off eBay. Seller and I actually went back and forth on price a bit. I paid immediately. Seller has posted a tracking number as of June 4. The tracking only shows that the post office has received notice of the package. The number still shows no updates, and as of today no package has shown up.

I tried messaging the seller and eBay made it a case, which I kind of didn't want, because the seller gave me a good deal. But as of today still no bag and no tracking update.
The seller says she mailed it two day priority. I'm thinking she printed the label and forgot to mail it.

I guess if it doesn't show up by eBay's date I'll get a refund?

What do you think? Do I need to do anything else?

edit: EBay. Says the case is closed and I am refunded.
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Dec 28, 2007
I hate that eBay now basically tricks people into opening cases; they should have an intermediate page where people are asked if that's what they really want to do.

I don't know what the seller's shipping and handling time was like, but 10 business days (11 if you count the 4th) seems like more than enough time for a Priority item to have shown up / shown up in the system. Since seller cannot show delivery, you'll be refunded. If the seller really did mail it but USPS lost it, she can file an insurance claim with the PO and then get her money back as well.

There's nothing else that you need to do at this point.


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Oct 4, 2006
I bought something on Tuesday. They printed the label on Friday. It finally showed scanned the following Thur and I received it Sat. Yep, 2 day turn around and Priority Mail... Now if it had an acceptance scan at his PO that Fri or Sat things might have been different...