USPS Tracking info not working?

  1. It's been a week so it should be up now, right? I just get an error saying it's not right :9
  2. Don't go straight to USPS for tracking information. It hasn't been working for quite some time. Go to "My eBay" and click on "Sold" if it is something you sold or "Won" if it is something you bought. From there, click on the drop box under action and click "View Shipment Status". Click on USPS Delivery Confirmation#. I hope this helps
  3. Mine numbers have been working just fine from the USPS website and i've sold and mailed 5 things in the last 1.5 weeks... maybe you have the number wrong :yes:

    Also, if the label was printed off of paypal and the person dropped it at the post office, it may not show anything at all until it has actually been delivered.
  4. My experience with the last several items that were purchased and shipped using paypal shipping ::::::: there were too many numbers listed, it actually turned out to be duplicated, check that out and see if that is possible.
  5. I had this problem once or twice, too, in the e-mails paypal sent to me it listed the number twice on end. You can easily figure out what the correct number is by dividing it in half where it repeats itself.
  6. This has been my experience also- probably half of the items I ship are not scanned at the PO when I drop them off. The status on the USPS website only changes when the item has been delivered.
  7. well, it took him 4 days to tell me who he sent it with. I sent him another email 2 days ago saying it's not working and asking him to maybe double-check the number to make sure he got it right...
    Still no reply. But he's been on eBay buying things today...WTF.
    I know people aren't online everyday bu I'm concerned about it now. I should've got my bag on monday, I know it's only wednesday, but with USPS its between 7-10 days usually for int'l mail?
  8. if it's global priority it's 7 - 21 days

    If it's express, it should be within a week.
  9. global can take up to 30 days before the USPS will get concerned... airmail is 7-10 days, priority 5-7 and express 3-5, and if he sent it ground well that is like two weeks.