USPS Tracking for UK Packages

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  1. OMG, I remember how frustrated i was when all those UK ebayers said they haven't received their items, and I was hopeless due to the fact that USPS Airmail doesn't provide tracking or any delivery confirmation to UK . And Guess what ?

    If you type the Custom ID that is found by the barcode of the Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note-CP72, you will get the tracking results, like acceptance date in USA, arrival in UK, Clearance of Customs, Attempted Delivery, etc. Please make use of this, since it is a very very good form of eBayers trying scam us with "item not received''!

  2. i might need this info in the upcoming week! thanks!
  3. What website do we use to track that number? TIA
  4. ^^ You can on some - I have received packages from the US using USPS - however you can only track them on the parcelforce website as that in the carrier they use in UK I think! (correct me if I am wrong!) :smile:
  5. in my experience, which i just tried last night, it wouldn't work in Royalmail website when i entered the Custom ID # (which is from the USPS Custom Form) on their tracking link.

    How do I track an item sent from abroad?

    Track and Trace is a Royal Mail service that lets you check the status of a trackable item that you sent through the post. Please note that items sent from overseas to the UK cannot be tracked using the Royal Mail website.

  6. Parcelforce is seperate from royal mail

    You should try

    It worked for me :yes:
  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH RACHEL !!!!!!! My bad, i always thought Royalmail and Parcelforce is the same thing , oops.. hhehee

    Anyway, great news that we got so many options to track, bad news is that those pacakges are returning back to me !!! Do you know whether I need to pay fees if it wasn't delivered in UK and got returned back to USA?

  8. No problem - I actually think they are part of royal mail but separate if you know what I mean!:yes:

    As for them being returned to you - I have no idea sorry! How come they are being returned? I think they try to deliver for 14 days here!

    I would imagine there would be no charges but am not sure - good luck! :smile:
  9. I send packages from the USA to the UK and use the UK post office website (track & trace) and it works for me everytime.
  10. Does anyone know how to track package from US to Germany? TIA!
  11. A very old thread but it comes near the top when googling "tracking USPS to UK", hence I'm replying.

    In the instance of tracking to the UK, Sellers/senders please note that on the tracking (even to this day) when it says "attempted delivery", this is a fault of the system. Attempted delivery has NOT been made, it actually means that the local UK post office has checked in the item and is waiting for customs and/or handling charges.
  12. Most of this is an old thread but I've just created a profile on this site to say a massive thank you to everyone who put information on here! I've spent ages on the phone & internet trying to find a parcel I was expecting from the USA but it wasn't until I found this thread and saw that USPS use parcelforce that I was able to find my parcel, pay the stupidly high customs charges and hopefully the parcel will arrive tomorrow :biggrin:

    I had the 'attempted delivery' message in the USPS tracking system but was very confused as I was home at that time. It must be an error in the system and USPS will be getting an e-mail from me as they've been very unhelpful over the phone (wonder how high my bill will be after calling the USA!) when all along it's their system that's confused me! Parcelforce have also failed as the letter hadn't been sent saying I need to pay the customs charges a week after it arrived in the UK but at least they were helpful over the phone.