USPS Tracking 17 digits? How long does it take for the tracking to show up?

  1. The seller claimed she took the package to USPS at 4PM ET today but the tracking (17 digits) still says There is no record of this item.

    Is this normal that it may be till the next day for the tracking to work?

    Are there 17 digits trackings?

    Help! Thanks
  2. USPS only updates every work-day evening, so the tracking probably won't show up until Monday night. I thought USPS tracking was 22 digits though.
  3. postal offices open on weekends no? so they should track?
  4. Most post offices are either closed Saturdays or close around noon. Anything dropped off after that would be with the automated postal center machine.
  5. Full tracking is only available for express packages. Priority mail and other packages with delivery confirmation sometimes get scanned only when they hit the destination post office prior to being delivered.

  6. so this 17 digit number is okay?

    Normally it says ACCEPTED when the seller shipped on the tracking though even for packaging services and priority.
  7. It's normal. :yes:
  8. No, it says ACCEPTED only when the package has been SCANNED. PO's are not required to scan DC packages. If the seller put it into the postal machine or a receptacle for packages in the PO it won't be scanned either, until it hits a sorting facility (if you are lucky) or the destination PO.

  9. oh man that's annoying, I've always thought the PO scanned the package when they ship it. So now I can't expect the tracking to show anything until it reaches a sorting?
  10. Yes, and they update the tracking once a day or so.

  11. do they update on weekends?
  12. Yes, I've even had updates on Sundays. Once the package is in the system, it keeps moving.
  13. :sad: still says no record of such item
  14. I have seen it take up to 24 hours for the PO to update things online. I only ship with Signature Confirmation, not Delivery there might be a difference between the two. But it's been my experience that it can take up to 24 hours to update.
  15. It can take 24 hours for it to go from No Record to Electronic Shipping Received.
    Is there a reason you are worried about this one?