USPS states delivered bag, Bonanza buyer claims bag not received & opened dispute??

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  1. I sold a bag to a Bonanza buyer (& seems to be a TPF'er) last month. I sent the bag off on Sept. 20, and the tracking number stated that the bag was delivered to her address on Sept. 22.

    However, the buyer told me a few days ago that she had not received the bag. She also told me that she had been on vacation from Sept. 22 to Oct. 1 and put her mail on vacation hold, and received her other mail but not the purse.

    Just today she has opened a Paypal dispute with me "regarding merchandise that either was never received or did not match your original description."

    ?! I don't know what to do! I don't believe I bought insurance with the bag, which I regret, but I don't understand how the package was signed for and delivered at her address and she doesn't have it. She stated that she doesn't think theft is an option...I don't know what my next action should be! Any advice would be appreciated. TIA, girls!!!!!!
  2. Contact her post office. See if they remember it. Maybe they shipped it back to you?

    Tell her to ask her neighbors. Maybe someone is holding it for her.
  3. Did someone have to sign for it? Definitely call the PO, hopefully they remember it.
  4. Call the PO! I hope everything works out!!
  5. I've heard (rarely) of postal workers signing for the packages themselves and then leaving them at the residence, but I think this is uncommon. When you enter in the sig. confirmation number, does it say who signed for it?
  6. Good luck OP, and side note, LOVE YOUR ICON! MENCHIES is awesome! Thank GOD they got one near me now an hr away! I hear they are looking at opening up them in Tx too :smile:
  7. What was the value of the bag? If it was over $250, did you purchase signature confirmation?
  8. Does the $250 value for sig confirmation apply to Bonanza? I thought that was an ebay thing.
  9. It is a Paypal thing.
  10. Check the signature on the tracking information and if it's different than hers, inquire withe the post office as to where it was delivered. You can do what someone else suggested and ask her to check with her neighbors but this sounds like a person who wants her money back.

    The package may likely be at the post office and a postal worker signed for it and is holding it.
  11. if she was going on vac, why didnt she ask you to not mail it yet??
  12. hmm .. I agree. I think it's very odd
  13. If there was a signature, then you are definitely covered per paypal's rules. But I would also still check with the PO to find out who might have signed for it. Good luck OP.
  14. can you check with USPS or the PO the signature and who signed for the parcel?
  15. I ship everything with signature confirmation regardless of the price.

    I'd check with your PO to see.

    Good Luck OP!