USPS Shipping - Pros and Cons?

  1. For anyone with experience with shipping internationally via USPS services, can you shed some light on the good and the bad? Which service from USPS (Express, Priority, Ground, etc.) provides the most reliable service and tracking information?

  2. i have been shipped bags from but i found that it's more convenient sent with EMS because the online tracking is more thorough.
    with usps, once it leaves the states, the tracking is not working anymore.
  3. express is only really efficient on tracking.

    Everything else is not so great.
  4. For mailing within the US, I really like USPS Priority. I is almost always on time and its quick!! Ground, I dont like so much, it take longer!

    Edited: Sorry, I missed the word internationally. As for that, I usually do USPS priority because its pretty much the only thing I know to use. It has worked alright for me in the past.
  5. For eBay, Express is the best way to go. It's the only service that provides on-line tracking. And as a seller, you will need this type of tracking to be protected by PayPal if the buyer claims non-receipt of the item.

    It's expensive and some potential buyers take issue with paying for it. They would rather pay less for another shipping method and I guess some of them just don't bid if you aren't willing to budge. Personally, I don't budge. Ever. I guess I'm more concerned about protecting myself than taking a huge risk in an attempt to save a complete stranger in another part of the world a few bucks. Not worth it.
  6. I only ship US and Canada for various reasons...I use USPS Global Priority to Canada and USPS Priority domestically. Rarely have I had any problems.
  7. Does Priority provide the same services (e.g. tracking, insurance, etc.) as Express with the only difference that Express arrives slightly faster?

    Thanks for all your help!
  8. shipping global priority automatically gives you insurance up to $1500 i think? i don't remember the exact amount BUT you have to have the amount in the customs form in order for that to work and some people lie to save on custom fees and etc.

    ems is 3 days and is super!
  9. Global priorty definitely does not have tracking. Don't know about insurance though.
  10. Yes, do NOT use USPS Global Priority! I mistakenly used it to ship a pair of jeans to Belgium, and it's been over a month now and she still hasn't seen them. I called USPS and they said GPM has no tracking (she said maybe in May they'll begin tracking) so I am pretty much SOL if they never arrive. Make sure you use EMS or something with tracking!!
  11. i actually can't find where it says how much the package is automatically insured for. but i ship to everywhere international w/ global priority. if it's held in customs, then it's not really anything i can do about it since it happens so often with international mail.
  12. I have had items shipped with all of those. Ground/airmail takes the longest, don't know if tracking is available. To Canada it takes about 3-4 weeks from the US.

    With Priority, I am sure that I have had items come with tracking but perhaps something has changed? There used to be a way of shipping via Paypal which would give free tracking. Not sure what method it applied to though.

    I am waiting for a couple of things that are coming by Express, I know they have tracking because the email came from USPS. Pricing really depends on the size/weight and destination. Some things have been very reasonable, others more expensive. As far a speed, it doesn't matter to me as long as it gets here undamaged.
  13. I thought there was tracking w/GPM too until this incident...and was told there was absolutely no way to track it by USPS. I gave them the Customs form # and GPM # when scanned at the post office, but they said that doesn't count. Right now my package is probably stuck in Belgium customs, but if the girl decides to file a claim against me, I'm screwed because USPS won't show it as delivered. Luckily my buyer is super sweet and understanding, but if she wasn't, I'd have to pay her back all her money AND lose my jeans!
  14. Yeah - I'm pretty much the same. Within the US, it's Priority Mail. Overseas, it's always Global Express, which is more expensive, but provides tracking, and is a great way to avoid squirrely buyers who claim they never received the package!
  15. I just got an item through Priority, double checked to make sure it was sent that way. It had tracking through the Paypal shipping thing BUT it did not update on USPS past clearing foreign customs.

    I tried online through Canada Post but it didn't pull anything up. It did get here way faster than regular post but it doesn't seem like what they are calling "tracking" works the way it should.

    I also got another item today through Express (EMS) and that ends up with a courier service here, so it is tracked 100%.