USPS shipping insurance?

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  1. I am just wondering if anyone filed shipping insurance with USPS before. I sent a package through priority on the 13th, and it has not been delivered. I know i have to wait 21 days to file, but is the paypal invoice good enough to support the value of the item? Thanks!
  2. I'v used a paypal invoice as proof of how much the item was & I got all of the money back. It's just a long process....21 days before filing the claim & about 2 months before I got the money back.
  3. It takes forever and international is even worse. I have one now and was told it would take 60 days for USPS to do an investigation and try to locate the package, and then if they can't they would send a claim form for the insurance. Who knows how long that will take! In the meantime, PayPal froze the funds in my account and has already refunded the buyer. Gotta love it!
  4. does the usps have a insurance company do they they have there own claims department that pays?
    why wait for them to send you a claim form? they give them out at the post office
  5. I agree with the others-it takes forever. The other problem is they want the receipt for what you-the seller- paid which is always (hopefully) lower than what the buyer paid. So you have to have the buyer make the claim so you can use the eBay invoice for the receipt and for some reason my buyer couldn't or wouldn't do it and it ended up being a nightmare. I have only had to do it twice in 2 years.