USPS Ruined My Item!!

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  1. I bought a shirt on the Bay for my son (nothing fancy or expensive, just something for Game Day). After three weeks, I messaged the seller for tracking information because she marked it 'shipped' but provided no tracking info. I gave her 5 days and when I didn't hear anything, I opened a case.

    She replied and said that she didn't have tracking because it was such a cheap item (I figured as much) but to give it a few more days. I escalated the case and eBay found in my favor and issued a refund. Fast forward a few days, and the package turned up. I was ready to send her an apologetic email/send her money back... until I opened the package.

    This is what I found:

    Someone at USPS ran over package with the truck and the shirt has a GIANT hole in it. I am so mad... why even re-package it and deliver it?! Will USPS do anything about it? It's not insured, but the shirt was mailed in a bubble mailer and it's quite obvious that USPS is at fault. Will they at least refund the shipping? At this point, I don't even know what's the right thing to do... it's not the seller's fault that USPS ran over it, but it's not my fault either!!

    Help please!
  2. I would contact USPS and see what they will do. They should already refund the shipping
  3. Without insurance I doubt they will do anything. The least they could do would be to refund the seller's postage. While it was delivered it was certainly not delivered in the condition it was sent.
  4. Oh no, that looks horrible. Without insurance I doubt there's anything USPS will do. Which I don't insure the cheaper items either. Since you received a refund I would just leave it at that. You can let the seller know you finally got it, but they did their part. Sorry OP, but at least it wasn't an expensive item.
  5. Send photos to the seller so she knows what happened. So USPS replaced whatever it was shipped in? Ask the seller what she used so she can make changes next time she ships something.
  6. Instead of "REWRAPPED" it should have read "DESTROYED" at the Seattle Network Distribution Center.
  7. Since there was no insurance you should send photos to your seller & perhaps

    the postage will be refunded...
  8. That's the worst part... the seller shipped in a padded manilla envelope that was ripped open when the package was ran over/smooshed. The seller did a great job packing it. I'd post a picture but it's right through my address. USPS wrapped the whole package in clear packing tape and forwarded it on to me.

    :biggrin: Exactly what I thought!!