USPS refuses to scan delivery confirmation

  1. I suspect most sellers have had experience with the post office not scanning electronically generated delivery confirmation codes, especially on the drop off.

    The other day I took my package into the post office, lined up and specifically asked that they scan the label for me because I wanted the buyer to see that I have dropped off the package to the PO. The guy behind the counter told me that they don't do that for electronic labels :confused1:, only the bright green ones that you have to pay extra for. It was explained to me that that's why the electronic labels cost less (well it's free), because of the reduced work load.

    Is this really true?
  2. i know from mailing stuff out that it takes a day to get in the system and
    you can always ask for a tracking number
    and when they call the tracking number sometimes it tells where the pack is at like like in atlanta ga etc.
    not much of a help

    ups will give the info but there more expensive
  3. I never worry about it. I jsut send the package it and the status shows up after two days or so, letting me know it's delivered. I don't think they scan it there. I think they scan it when it gets to the PO of the destination but I can be wrong.
  4. Sometimes they will scan it right awaY! The way I get them to do it is by asking them to check the postage amount to make sure I got it they'll scan the top barcode...let me know...and then they'll always scan the bottom DC one as well.
  5. I know and that's why this is new to me that they wouldn't scan it even if I brought it into the PO.

    I wanted the drop-off scan because I've been having problem with delivery confirmation not getting scanned even at the recipient's end. Fortunately I've had two honest buyers who told me that the packages arrived. The trackings till today still only say electornic label generated.
  6. Another recommendation...some sellers highlight the DC barcode so that the people at the PO notice them and scan them!
  7. I didn't know they scan right away! I will see next time if they can do it for me. I wonder if they have a policy on when to do this and stuff.
  8. Highlight how? Just with marker pens? I don't want to render the barcode unscannable?
  9. Kathy: Maybe my PO workers are just nice out here LOl But whenever I take it in they'll scan the DC barcode. If I just drop it off to them though without asking them to check the pstage they'll just grab it and throw it in the I always try to play dumb and ask them to check the postage!

    Tods: The only thing that will make the barcode unreadable is if you put tape over it.....highlighting it won't make a difference. Just make sure to wait for the ink to dry on the label before doing it. Or in the alternative, you can just highlight around the barcode to make it more visible.
    When I insure something I often highlight the word "insured" on the label. With paypal labels the insurance part doesn't show up really big...and many buyers out there have questioned whether you really insured it because the paypal labels kind of hide it.

    In terms of a highlighter to use......just a regular 'ole highlighter...I use a big orange "Sharpie Accent Highlighter: bought from Target/Walmart, etc. for less than a dollar.
  10. How odd ... if I take it up to them, they usually scan it. The only time it is NOT scanned and basically a waste of money is if I use the little Automated Postal Center. The number usually doesn't show up in the system until it is delivered and people freak out and think I gave them a fake number.
  11. Good point! Will try this out in the future.:yes:
  12. I'm having major issues with this. My mailman doesn't scan them when he picks up, and then they must not be scanned when they are delivered because they still say po has been notified after delivery. If they aren't scanning there's nothing I can do if someone says they didn't recieve their shipment right? Most people are honest and say they did, But I have had one issue, and I know I shipped the item because I keep all of my online label records. It's getting irritating anyone who's shady can lie and say they didn't recieve their Item and if it says they never picked up because they didn't scan then I'm the one who's out of luck:sad:
  13. I had my first instance of shipping a parcel to a buyer and it was NOT scanned the ENTIRE time it was in transit.
  14. That is exactly why I started taking my packages to the post office and asking them to do the drop-off scan, which is within my control. However after that incident it looks like the only way is to pay 60 cents and buy their bright green labels.
  15. My personal experience has been: if you buy signature delivery confirmation AND insurance. The P.O. cannot scan the barcode. It throws their system off. I was advised that anytime an item is insured for MORE than $50.00 they automatically have to get a delivery signature anyway so don't pay the extra. I don't know if this applies to the issue that you had but other than that, they (USPS) always are able and do scan my packages at the counter that I printed out and paid for at home.