USPS question

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  1. Hi ,

    Can anyone tell me if you get a tracking number for a parcel if it is posted with USPS airmail.
  2. All companies have web addresses. united states post office -, united parcel service - They should be able to give you that information. I always use priority thru the post office and I get a tracking #. Browse the site. Its a little early in the states hopefully someone will have a definate answer a little later in the day.
  3. If you send it as registered mail, you will get a tracking number with USPS I believe.
  4. Make sure you get insurance! They lost something on me before Christmas and calling them and tracing was a joke!
  5. Not if it's 1st class :sad:
  6. ok thanks everyone :smile:
  7. Priority has tracking I think. By the way can anyone tell me is it that Saks doe not refund taxes when you mail-in-refund? Is it their policy?
  8. The best way is to get a delivery confirmation receipt. It provides you with a tracking number that you can use to track your package online (like UPS and Fedex). The only other way is to send by Express mail.