USPS question...

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  1. hi guys, i bought a chloe paddy last saturday on eBay n the seller sent it through USPS international express mail. she gave me the tracking number n everything. but the tracking information hasnt updated for like 2days since "International Dispatch". and the guaranteed delivery date is oct 11th, which should be oct 12th(tomorrow) for australia i assume.

    im a little worried now, doesnt USPS update its info since it's international dispatched? is the item lost or is it spending a couple of days at the costom?

    im probably too paranoid but i really cant wait to use that bag this weekend... can someone familiar with USPS services answer my question?

    thanks alot
  2. From my experience..USPS tracking is a big joke. Often, nothing will show on tracking until the actual item is delivered and THEN everything will show if I need it anymore by then. So, I wouldn't worry too much.
  3. thanks Desirella, i hope its just their tracking, fingers crossed......
  4. International "tracking" tracks until it leaves the country and doesn't show up again until it is delivered.
  5. checked again, info updated. it's out of the costoms now.:tup: i was too paranoid i guess:whistle: