USPS Question, please help asap!

  1. This is probably a very easy question for you eBay sellers to answer.

    I just sold my Gucci (finally!) for a little less than I had hoped for, but I'm just glad to get rid of it!

    I'm shipping with USPS and I was wondering if I can use my own box. I want to use a box that abercrombie shipped to me. The bag fits perfectly in there! It says "abercrombie" on the sides. Would USPS be okay with that?
  2. That's fine. The post office doesn't care. Just be sure to remove all address or tracking information from your previous shipment.
  3. Yes, you can use the box as long as there's no hazard or flamable signs. Also I'm paranoid so try to buy and print the label from PayPal's shipping service. I's very easy and the best proof you shipped to the right address.
  4. I always recycle boxes to ship. USPS only cares if the box lists something on it that is potentially hazardous and illegal to ship.


    They won't have a problem with Abercrombie.
  5. Yes they should. What I like to do is take the plain brown wrapping paper and wrap the box with that(a brown paper bag works just as good).:tup:
  6. Wow, thanks for all the quick replies!

    Looks like it's gonna cost me more (more than what I charged buyer) to use my own box.

    I'm going to have to visit the post office to get a flat rate box.
  7. Make sure the purse is wrapped well if you place it in a flat rate box. They aren't that big so depending on what Gucci you sold, the bag will be squished. JMO
  8. DON'T wrap boxes in paper! The paper can get snagged in the sorting machines and rip it right off, now your parcel has no address. THe USPS also asks shipper not to wrap in paper. You can use any box, even with writing on it, just remove all previous shipping labels.
    Hope this helps.
  9. You can use whatever box you have.. like the other postes said, just take off the old address labels on it and stick a new one on it.

    What I do is, I usually use the pouch/filmy envelopes that USPS has instead of wrapping the (not so nice) boxes with paper. That way, the wrapping is more sturdy than just regular paper. :tup: PLUS, the wrapping is FREE! I just get a bunch from my Post Office and stack them here at whom so that when I need some, I have them readily available.
  10. :confused1: Not sure what you are refering to. I order free boxes but haven't seen this one.
  11. I have sent off a few boxes wrapped no problems(knock on wood).I also label the box interior,so if that happens it is taped up.wrapped nicely inside and still have an address.
  12. my post office wont accept a box with any writing so if i recycle a box (which i do on occassion) i have to black out with marker everything on the box (if a box was from abracrombie i would have to with a sharpie black out the writing that said the stores name)
    I guess it depends on the PO but at my PO they WONT take a box with any writing on it at all