USPS Priority Mail International

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  1. Does USPS Priority Mail International include tracking?

    I mailed something to Canada (from the U.S.) with that service, and now the buyer is asking for tracking info. Would that be on my receipt (it's at home, and I'm at work).
  2. I also filled out the customs info, of course... does that provide tracking info?
  3. Yes! It is a number that starts with a "CP" followed by 9 numbers and followed by two additional letters, such as CP933001458CX -
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  5. That's the main reason for sending International Express Mail: you do have tracking # which is on your copy of the express mail receipt. Good luck. It takes a little while for something to get to Canada even with Express Mail.
  6. But I used Priority... not Express.
  7. doesnt priority take longer than express? or is it just the same?
  8. Priority does take longer, and it's cheaper.
  9. ok just needed to clear that one up..u were able to give the tracking number then?
  10. As I understand it, international priority does not have tracking any more. If you want to ship a package out of the US, the only way to get tracking is to ship it global express.
  11. I just shipped a package to Canada using usps Priority Mail International. There is tracking provided. The tracking number is CJ NNN NNN NNN US, where N stands for a digit. You can view the shipment progress by typing the tracking number online at or Both sites have the tracking information.

    I printed out the shipping label online, along with the FREE scan form. I had the scan form scanned at the post office when I dropped off the package. This way, I can get very detailed info on the shipment progress.

    If you did not get the scan form, I think you can still get some tracking information online, at least for confirmation of pick up and delivery.
  12. The customs form (the large multicopy white one) has a number that you can use for tracking, even if sent priority international.
  13. Sellers always ship to me using USPS Priority. Usually they just tell me there's no tracking, but some sellers are able to provide me with a tracking number. However, the tracking is really bad and usually has no updates at ALL.
  14. Ya, the tracking for priority is not so good. You can usually see when it's left the U.S. and then when it has delivered and that's about it!
  15. I shipped to canada and it always takes forever even with express as someone stated before me . Its pointless why pay extra for express if its going to take like a week or two.